I, Julian Taylor, apply for MOTU.


Julian Taylor

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Munich, Germany

My involvement


  • Very familiar with C, C++, Python and some knowledge of C#
  • python, cli, library packaging
  • familiar with autotools, cmake, python distutils, gcc/g++/ld/

Maintained packages in debian

I maintain a few packages in debian spread over various fields. C, C++, Python, mono/cli, user applications, development applications and libraries.

  • libmatheval: C library for evaluating mathematical expressions
  • nunit: cli unit test framework
  • keepass2: cli password manager
  • pycxx: write python extensions in C++
  • foolscap: python rpc system
  • ipython: interactive python interpreter and multiprocessing cluster

keepass2 was packaged from scratch by me. The other packages I adopted. I am a member of the debian-science, debian-python and debian-cli team.



and probably a few more I don't remember.

Security updates:


I am a member of the bug squad and I regularly scan new bugs and see how they can be solved. See


I am active in irc both in discussing issues with other developers and answering occasional questions by newcomers. I hang out in debian's and ubuntus channels. I am also quite active in the ubuntu forum, although there mostly only in the programing talk section ( And I generally enjoy teaching people what I know.

Things I could do better

remember to execute update-maintainer everytime :/

What I like least in Ubuntu

I don't like that some bugs remain unfixed for so long times, a recent example would be bug 455461 This is of course due to missing manpower to handle everything. I will do my best to improve this situation both by helping fixing issues as well as helping users learn to fix the issues themselves so they may in future help too.


I don't recall if I've sponsored Julian in Ubuntu or not, but I've seen him working very diligently in both Debian and Ubuntu and believe he's ready to be MOTU. He works well with other people and what I've seen of his work indicates a good knowledge of both packaging and his limits (he knows when to ask questions). ScottKitterman

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Stefano Rivera

General feedback

Julian Taylor has strong packaging skills and has been very helpful in fixing FTBFS packages during the Oneiric cycle. He is active on IRC, providing good advice. I'm only too happy to see him applying for MOTU, he's already a great asset to the team.

Specific Experiences of working together

Julian was one of the big contributors to our linker-related FTBFS jam, single-handedly doing about half the work and helping other people at the same time. He co-ordinated his patches well with Debian. I only sponsored a handful of FTBFS fixes for Julian, and I had no issues with any of them.

Areas of Improvement

Nothing comes to mind, but Ubuntu has lots of bugs that need attention Smile :)

Matthias Klose

General feedback

I have seen Julian participating in cleaning up build failures in Aug/Sep 2011, not just fixing a handful of packages. The packages usually look good, and he is responsive on feedback.

Iain Lane

I've worked with jtaylor a fair bit in the Debian (/Ubuntu) Mono teams. He's competent and knows how to work upstream. A clear candidate for upload access IMHO.

FYI when you have DEBEMAIL set to an address you cannot forget to run update-maintainer. Smile :-)

Barry Warsaw

Julian was very helpful during the dh_python2 transition, and his command of the tools, and understanding of the technology and mechanics of the transition were outstanding. His packages looked great and were easy to sponsor. He was very responsive on IRC.

Dave Walker

I'm not sure if I have sponsored any of Julian's work, but I have certainly come across his work. It seems clean, consistent and I've seen him be responsive to comments. He certainly has a good attitude, which would lead to a great MOTU. Thanks.


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=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
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