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About a person who should be doing homework right now

Hello wonderful world of open source community! I have to say, I'm really glad to be part of this noble cause Wink ;) Honored, really. Since all wiki pages starts with the origin, I shall begin with the story of how I met the brilliant Mr. Linux. If you're up for it, read on...oh wait! But first, I shall introduce myself.

About moi

I am a college student in Long Beach, California. Still a lowly freshmen. I'm a pre-Film major, and I love movies. In my free time I like to surf the web, always on the lookout for something new and interesting, writing stories, reading novels, photoshop-ing, study self-help books, and admire my lover a.k.a. my current OS a.k.a. Ubuntu Karmic Koala a.k.a. my computer savior.

How I met Mr. Linux

He and I met about a year ago while I was bored and browsing the web for something new to do with my computer. I ran across Ubuntu, and I tried it on my computer. I didn't like him because it was so different from Windows and contained so many bugs.

Fast-forward to March, 2010. Spring break just started, and my computer got the blue-screen of death. I was devastated. No way I could survive spring break with no internet. But I remembered Ubuntu and I remembered seeing Linux magazines that provide their distros for free on a DVD. Long story short, Ubuntu is now my main and only OS and I'm loving it...err, I mean him. I'm so inconsistent :P

Info for BugSquad

As for the different areas in the Linux environment, I'm interested in sound, desktop, appearance, panels, and program compatibility. I'm interested in Linux in general.

I'm in the North America Pacific Timezone, or the Los Angeles area (GMT -8:00)

I'm free all day on weekends and nights on weekdays (5pm and after) I'm freest on Friday night and Saturday night.


Need I say it? I'm a Linux addict! And I'll do my best to help out the great Linux community Smile :)

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