Jury Mancinelli


I'm an Electronic Engineer, and I was born "in the far" 1976... a great year! I live in Rome, Italy, where I was born: I like this old and confused City. I have been started with Linux in the 1996-1997, more or less, using Red Hat.

Now I use Ubuntu, and have been following it since it's first release.

Personal Data

  • Birthdate: July 14, 1976
  • City of birth: Rome, Italy
  • Where I live: Rome, Italy


  • Type: Degree in Electronic Engineering, focused on Telecommunications Systems
  • University: Universit√† degli Studi "Roma Tre" - Rome, Italy
  • Dates Attended: 10/1995 - 06/2001


I'm working for an important company that produces radio equipments.


I like the Art: Painting, Comix, Rock Music and Architecture.

  • Interesting "Painting" artists: Walter Valentini, Alessandro Gianvenuti
  • Interesting Comix: Cybersix (Trillo - Meglia), ESP (La Neve)
  • Interesting Rock Band: Subsonica (Turin, Italy), Bluvertigo (Italy), Placebo, The Cure
  • Interesting Architecture: Renzo Piano

Contact Details

That's all folks! See You in Ubuntu-it Community!


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