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Clear message

No politics here. We are strictly about helping people and giving them what they need regardless of any racial, mental, or phisical objections. Many of you out there know more than I do so bring on the knowledge!

Welcome to the World Wide Lab at www.mindblowingidea.com . My name is Justin Breithaupt and my primary goal is to educate the world in a variety of subjects. These subjects will be decided by those who can teach. I am going to be teaching Linux as soon as I can get a grip on it. I have known Windows and Dos my whole life and like Ubuntu's easy to use interface and vast instruction on the internet. We have a computer lab set up with 25 computers which you can read about on my web site www.mindblowingidea.com .

|| We will be World Wide with a web cam and audio so that anyone that can understand English can be tought. We may get some people to interpet what we say in other languages. I hope local radio and television stations will want to help us by giving us some money to be a live show. ||

We will be teaching people in our lab and the camera is just along for the ride.

|| The classes will be posted on our main site so everyone can join in. ||

We need some serious advertizement on your guyses part if you could help.

We are not going to use all the Lego Robotics stuff you see on our site I just need to take that off there.

I think it would be good for younger kids to learn with the Lego robotics though.

Adults could learn more advanced Robotics.