When Ubuntu 5 was launched I was particularly excited to see what it was all about seeing as my fellow countryman, Mark Shuttleworth, was behind the whole Ubuntu project. I never had much of an opportunity to test it out but I now have the Edgy PPC 6.10 installed on my Apple iBook G4.

I live in Johannesburg, South Africa and have been involved in programming and computers since I was about 10 years old. I own and run a few free websites some of which include:

  1. http://www.grabble.co.za - South African search engine

  2. http://www.satopsites.com - SA Top Sites list

  3. http://www.blog247.co.za - Blogging platform based on WP

  4. http://www.blogtopsites.co.za - Blog Top Sites list

If you want to get in touch send me a mail at jjhartman at gmail dot com


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