Jan H Wildeboer

Some details about me

If you really want to know who I am, here's your chance Smile :-) Just the facts: Born in 1970 in the netherlands, moved to germany at the age of 13. I studied computer science, history and communications in Paderborn and Dresden. After working near Paderborn, Hannover, Heidelberg and Amsterdam I ended up in Munich where I currently work as programmer for domainfactory. Free Software and software patents

I came across Linux and the philosophy of Free Software in 1993 and ever since I have been involved in programming Free Software applications, community life and legal stuff. I held speeches at FOSDEM, LinuxTag and several other places.

In Munich I met Holger Blasum and Hartmut Pilch, the main actors behind FFII e.V. and decided to dedicate (too much) time to help in their fight against software-patents in europe. I organised and participated demonstrations against software patents in Karlsruhe and Munich, represented FFII at LinuxTag, joined round-table meetings with the german ministry of justice.

Other activities

Im a real developer! That's why I also have a little darkroom to develop my BW-films and make nice prints. Unfortunately I do not have the time I would like to have for this, but maybe sometimes ...

Email: <jan.wildeboer AT SPAMFREE gmx DOT de>



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