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  • I was born in 1993, living in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil since I was 3 years old. I got into computers stuff when i was about 12 and I'm still working with computer until now.. I was a Windows user since the beginning but now I am enjoying Ubuntu a lot. I am discovering the real world of open-source and I am pretty amazed with Ubuntu. Nowadays I am using only Ubuntu and trying to help the community in every way i can. I live in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil. I speak Portuguese and English. I felt in love with Ubuntu since first boot. I have been involved with Open Source and with the Brazilian community since May 2007 and helping new Ubuntu users in IRC chat as well.

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Why Ubuntu?

I chose Ubuntu as my main Linux distribution, although to possess technician knowledge on basic operational system, I sufficiently identified myself with the idea to promote easiness and interoperability in a simple and efficient form. Also the community had a strong importance in my decision, and without a doubt is opened the critical ones, suggestions and, of course, contributions. It was very difficult to get comfortable to use other distributions and to get rid of window's chains, but Ubuntu provided a more pleasant, safe and satisfactory change, to me.

IUG - Instalador do Ubuntu Games

  • ubuntugames.jpg I add scripts installation of games in the program.

    Read more about here Ubuntu Games

My contributions to the time of documentation Ubuntu Brazil:


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