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Update 25-July-2007

It has been decided the LoCo for the greater Kansas City area is to be merged in with the MissouriTeam LoCo. A good amount of members have already shown interest in a greater regional support. If the interest is still present for a city LoCo, it will later be created as an extension of the MissouriTeam and KansasTeam LoCo.


The LoCo for the greater Kansas City area has been dormant. The originator of the LoCo, Joe Otero, has taken a position which pulls him from the area. We wish him the best in his new endeavors. This brings us to a point of restructuring. The decision has been made to merge the KCTeam with the MissouriTeam for now.

Changes Complete LoCoTeamRegions Guidelines

The LoCo is not in compliance with the LoCoTeamRegions. The changes recently made were to make corrections to align with the standard unification.

  • IRC channel has been unregistered. For now, you can still receive local support through #ubuntu-missouri and #ubuntu-kansas.
  • The Wiki page for UbuntuMissouri has been updated with the correct contact inforamtion.

  • Email list ubuntu-us-mo and ubuntu-us-ks are both active and functioning.


Connect To The Community

The original points of communication still remain. How ever a proposition has been made to bring the LoCo group communication back to the UbuntuForums. The LoCo group could then be linked to the group mailing list server on http://lists.ubuntu.com

  • Group: The Google groups are still active. The official point of communication is through the mailing lists or the UbuntuForums

  • Email: ubuntu-us-mo and ubuntu-us-ks are now active
  • IRC Channel: #ubuntu-kc is defunct. Regional channels include #ubuntu-missouri, #ubuntu-kansas, and #ubuntu-midwest on irc.freenode.net

Please remember to register the nick you use on Freenode

  • To change your nickname type in /nick <nickname>

  • To register your nick type in /msg nickserv register <password>

Online Meetings

Meetings for the MissouriTeam/Meetings are published and times have been set. Coordinating with KansasTeam for information on the meeting schedules.


  • Educating people about GNU/Linux
  • Supplying Ubuntu where needed/wanted
  • Supporting Ubuntu in our community

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