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  • All serious issues should be still submitted as bug!


* The installation went smoothly, enough, though something went wrong with mplayer which I decided was reason enough to reinstall. Success. Backed up the whole deal, to spare drive, and commenced to add apps to the system.

  • The problem came, when I had to return to my production system, on another partition. Karmic is installed on sda6, Jaunty, on sda7. I switched grub to (hd0,6), easily enough, after finding that any lines added to /boot/grub/grub.cfg, are IGNORED ...and they ARE dropped into the appropriate spot, as instructed. Once I was finished with what I had to do, there was NO WAY that grub would reinstall to (hd0,5)! I tried manual, from sda7 dice; I tried using the installation CD, 'Fix broken installation', selected the root FS, selected 'reinstall grub' and I got an error. i tried doing it manually, using the shell menu item, and it announced I was successful. I found out, however, that grub WAS NOT installed on (hd0,5), AS IT HAD TOLD ME, IT WAS. It took me, SOME TIME to discover what I had to do... I am so used to just invoking grub, with a couple commands... I poured over the logs and discovered the command which was used ...emulated it, and was back up. All told, only a couple hours, horsing around. :-\ Funny thing, is, I did see something on the site, a week ago, concerning a different boot process, or something. I absolutely could_not find it, again! So... I'll give this distro failing marks, for documentation and flying colors for KDE 4.x.
  • Installation worked great for me. Small issue with the update manager. It told me about updates available in the system tray (directly after install), when I clicked it, it told me that I don't have the permissions to install and crashed (without asking for root password). Installation of updates by hand worked without trouble and after I had installed additional packages (this time asked for root pwd) everything seems to be setup now.
  • Wireless doesn't work on Dell XPS M1330 with Intel iwl4965 chipset. Network Manager never connects to the WAP, prompting multiple times for passphrase. Looking at "dmesg" shows the kernel is still constantly authenticating and deauthenticating from the AP for "reason 11". Kubuntu Hardy still works just fine.
    • On top of that, the Network Manager applet doesn't even show me a list of available wireless networks when I click on the icon in the panel! I have to click "choose another network"! Even after doing that, there is no indication of signal strength, security status, or whether a network is infrastructure or ad-hoc. How many years has it been since Hardy came out, and this still isn't fixed? -- launchpad-alphapapa 2009-10-04 08:25:08

  • Kontact doesn't start!
  • I ran the beta (netbook edition) on my Dell Mini 9 and it really looks great and feels pretty solid for a beta release of a preview OS. Excellent! -- lmilano 2009-10-02 12:32:51

  • Wifi is not working in the beta (netbook edition) on Dell Minis (unless configured manually). More here: -- lmilano 2009-10-02 12:32:51

  • KPackageKit is not working in the beta (netbook edition), on Dell Minis, either. It doesn't ask for root password. This might be related to the previous item. It may very well be PolicyKit failing. I'll dig around and report in Launchpad. -- lmilano 2009-10-02 12:32:51

  • Even Alpha6 was awesome, with little to no issues for a desktop install on x86-64. Love the new look. -- matthewlange 2009-10-02 16:22:52

  • Amarok recommends installing additional packages from it's little icon in the panel. On Karmic beta, Amarok didn't play mp3 files until these packages were installed. -- jynyl 2009-10-03 07:32:11

  • Now, each time I login I have a kwin crash, and PulseAudio stops working. @jpgnux@ 2023-10-04 12:21:21

  • Great work, in particular KDE 4.3 is really usable now. I suggest to remove ktimetracker from kontact. The reason: open kontact, click on the ktimetracker icon at the bottom, close kontact: now kontact won't start anymore ! san-vu-ngoc 2023-10-04 12:21:21

  • I suggest also to make the installer window resizable: when choosing the French language (for instance), the working window on the right becomes really small and you cannot read everything.san-vu-ngoc 2023-10-04 12:21:21

  • Its a real SHAME that ubuntu comes with splashX but not Kubuntu That's one really awesome feature and it would be good to see in Kubuntu as well. ktech 2023-10-04 12:21:21

  • Too many regressions:
    • keeps crashing (usually once a day) on random occasion using compositing and nvidia graphics driver (nv doesn't do the necessary resolution...); display frequently sometimes flickers
    • dselect considers all packages as new that are not currently installed (LP #433680)

    • pc speaker disabled by default for no comprehensible reason
    • no amarok1
    • ... but thumbs up for finally having KDE 4.3 -- kubuntu-rk 2009-10-04 20:47:03

    • notifications frequently hide half way under the panel, thus not showing the most relevant part of the message
    • compositing is increadibly slow - between clicking the border of a window and the resize following the mouse position, sometimes easily 5-6 seconds pass (idle system, Athlon64 X2 4200+), in particular when resizing konsole windows
    • updated -- kubuntu-rk 2009-10-05 12:24:11

  • The copy and extract processes still take enormous amount of CPU and system becomes unusable.
  • Network manager application still has problems, and can't connect to WEP ASCII encription only HEX.
  • No tuned x-bases splash for kubuntu, even though it has nothing to do with KDE or DE at all ?!
  • Python process still hogs CPU when checking for update or after 'apt-get update' command
  • Notification for new upgrades still looks ugly with button overlapping background 'shield' image
  • Not a singly piece of artwork added ! Only one wallpaper available, and it is KDE default.
  • Thumbs up for openOffice integration
  • Would be nice to have informative installer slideshow like in Ubuntu (see Kubuntu alpha5 feedback)
  • Kubuntu web page still looks ugly, even though some artists on made some mockups still nothing has been changed. I though that kubuntu homepage redesign was in todo list for karmic?
  • Kpackagekit is still in bad shape.
  • Thumbs up for comment:
    • How many years has it been since Hardy came out, and this still isn't fixed?

  • flash has no sound when playing a movie right after a fresh installation

    Take this comment and apply it to, no only networking, but to Kpackagekit functionality, high CPU usage for python after update and copy/extract processes CPU usage. @SIG

  • Kubuntu will not shutdown it there are other concurrent sessions. It will show list of other sessions, after clicking OK it shows black screen and only way out is the reset button.
  • Thumbs up for most development decisions this time. Good work there... Anyway, some decisions are again too much 'bleeding-edge'. K3b crashed two times leaving the DVDs currently burned unusable. Why is it included if even this is stated by upstream: "There are still many open issues with the GUI which needs fixing. So this is only a testing release, not intended for production work."
  • The most annoying regressions for me in the last three or four releases are all related to crashes and performance issues with This is not specific to Kubuntu as it is also bad for Ubuntu as a whole. Perhaps (K)Ubuntu should really focus more on stuff related to X and testing of X and be more conservative here or at least offer on option to the user so that he can be conservative. At least the vast graphical corruption issues that happened in 9.04 because QT 4.5 has been used seem to be solved. Keep up the good work...
    • Fixed kpackagekit by installing policykit from terminal. Somehow default installation is of kpolicykit-1!!
    • kate has a lot of troubles, didn't remember any settings for me. It created config files in user/.kde/share/apps and config directory owned by root. Had to delete those files and restart kate to fix it. Fixed most of the stuff, but Recently used files list is still empty and plugins get disabled every restart.
    • otherwise a good release, love how much KDE has progressed...
  • Ok, here's my experience with a fresh install of alpha6, upgraded to beta on a Dell XPS m1530
    • k3b crashes and basically refuses to burn a CD for me. It always seems to have a Power Calibration error or sometimes gets further and just gives up, leaving me with a few coasters. Sometimes, it doesn't even recognise when a new blank medium has been inserted until I remove it and insert it a few times. CD burning works fine on Windows, so it isn't a problem with my drive.
    • Amarok 2 is finally shaping up to be a good release. Kudos for including the new version.
    • QtCurve on Gtk would integrate better with KDE if using the "ozone" style.

    • I don't currently get a splash screen on boot-up, only on shutdown.
    • Suspend works well with my nVidia GeForce 8600GT.

    • Plasma crashes from time to time, especially when attempting to add widgets to the panel
    • Kopete still doesn't work with http-proxies (meaning most office/uni environments), although when it works, its quite nice.
    • Kaffeine's progress bar is completely broken. Moving it always produces unpredictable results and sometimes, the arrow keys do the same. I would recommend including VLC instead, especially now that its based on Qt4
    • Network-manager could be a lot better, but it at least works. However, connecting to WPA-EAP networks with MSCHAPv2 authentication didn't work for me. It only worked well in Feisty but has been broken or unreliable since then really.
    • KDM doesn't always start properly for me. Sometimes, it goes straight to the splash screen past kdm without showing me a login window. I need to hit Ctrl+Alt+F1 and then restart kdm manually to see the login screen.
    • There are almost no wallpapers installed with the default installation. It might be useful to have atleast one or two nature wallpapers included other than the default air wallpaper.
    • The firefox browser installer icon didn't really disappear for me after installing firefox. However, on another system, it didn't appear at all.
    • Overall snappiness of the system is a lot better and it also feels like a lot more stable piece of software, however the alpha quality of K3b and Kaffeine feel like a bit of a letdown from the overall stability and polish of the system.
  • After I installed system on /dev/sdb1, the computer would not boot. Had to run grub-install using a menu.lst associated with my Mepis installation on /dev/sda6 in order to be able to boot into any system installed on my system. Then I reinstalled Kubuntu on /dev/sdb1 using an ext3 file system. Still could not boot so I repeated the grub-install, booted into Mepis and could then read the files on /dev/sdb1 and it all looked like it was there but could not successfully modify my Mepis menu.lst in a way that would let me boot Kubuntu.
  • The dist-upgrade tool is awful. The only options for a config file change are "replace" and "keep". If there's a way to merge the files manually without messing up the process I don't see it. And when it comes time to delete obsolete packages it's an all-or-nothing thing. I probably don't need old libraries that have been superseded, but I do still need some of the packages (or at least I think I do... if they've been rolled into something else I need to know that!). And there's not even a way to copy or export the list so I can save it some place and review it later (other than pen-and-paper, which sucks when the list is 90 packages long! So far, everything I've tried has worked... but I haven't tried everything. Off to make sure KDE junk hasn't tried to take over my crazy network settings!
  • More fun news: ding, dong, madwifi is dead! ath5k works great for me, but the module didn't load at first because it was blacklisted in /etc/modprobe.d ... I don't remember whether it was me that did it or Jockey. Either way, I bet a lot of people have it blacklisted, so it might be worth a check.
  • I had a few packages from Karmic installed, so the upgrade manager refused to upgrade. I have not done it yet myself, but here is a command to find which packages need downgrading, in case someone runs into a problem like that: apt-show-versions | grep 'karmic' | awk '{ print $1 }' | awk -F/ '{ print $1 }'  -- dgvirtual 2009-10-10 09:45:55

Installed kubuntu Karmic few hours back. The UI looks pretty.. but have a few issues. * was not able to install firefox.. it always returned saying the package is installed. * kpackageit did not show any packages that I wanted to install.. have to depend on apt-get to install things * though have installed kubuntu-restricted-extras, can't get amorok or kaffeine playing mp3 files! * Though application launcher is looking good, it is a bit complex. Was thinking of moving my main desktop to kubuntu once Karmic is released. Wondering if I should be doing that

  • This already feels really solid, and more responsive than Jaunty. Only a few minor problems. Most annoying problem is missing text in OpenOffice save dialogs. Under the "filter" textbox I have three checkboxes but no description of what they are...

  • Request: update emacs23 with the fix reported here and here

* Installer crashes when trying to select Keyboard Layout: USA Variant: Macintosh

Installed Kubuntu Karmic yesterday and have a few issues you may be interested in.

  • Add/remove Software->Update did not work. Had to use apt-get update, apt-get upgrade, and apt-get dist-upgrade instead.

  • User management control panel is broken and refuses to load. Used Kuser instead.
  • Add/Remove Software control panel now displays all possible packages (i.e. libraries, dependencies, etc) making it difficult at best to identify primary applications to install. Someone mentioned above that it is loading incorrect policy/configuration?
  • Many of the widgets refuse to load and complain about some kind of problem with python modules not being present.
  • Stream Tuner installs but can't play any streams. Also it has no listings for shoutcast.
  • KDE 4.3 is finally at a usable stage.
  • KDE 4.3 Folder View - If the KDE team had made folder view a priority from the start they would have caused considerable less grief for everyone. I would like to see more improvements to this widget in the future. I would like to see 2 transparency adjustments, one for mouse over and one for normal. I would like the option to make the normal level be totally transparent.
  • Ktorrent - Package need to be updated so that ip blocking filters will work. Latest version of Ktorrent fixes problem but Kubuntu is not current.
  • KDE 4.3 Konqueror - This was formerly the best file manager in the entire world but now it is crippled beyond belief. I can't understand what it is that the KDE team has against file management functions? Please could someone from the Kubuntu team put together a Konqueror file management profile that mimics as close as possible the previous incarnation of Konqueror. Or at least could someone write a tutorial of how to do it. As for most KDE documentation, there doesn't seems to be any beyond the mindless explanations of what the menu functions do. Like anyone needs a manual for that?

izahn Updated 2023-10-04 12:21:21

I just finished installing Kubuntu 9.10 Beta on my eeePC laptop. I had a fair bit of difficulty resolving broken dependencies which prevented me from installing Synaptic or Aptitude. I tried with the Software Package Manager, but it said that it couldn't find dependencies (and suggested I use Synaptic! Anyway, I was able to get everything resolved by the following series of commands: $ sudo apt-get -f install $ sudo apt-get install synaptic $ sudo apt-get autoremove $ sudo apt-get install synaptic

I am not sure if all of these steps were required.

The other problem I have (which is probably a KDE issue in general, not specifically 9.10) is: I cannot figure out how to change the order of the widget icons in the panel. I have searched everywhere I could think of to find the answer, without success. The only thing I can think of is to remove all of the widgets then add them back in the order that I want them. I believe that in much earlier versions of Kubuntu (or KDE?), you could just drag them to where you wanted them.

Other than those problems, a cursory look at the system, I like it!

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