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Hello! I am Kate Stewart, and I work as the Ubuntu Release Manager for Canonical.

Contact Details

  • IRC: skaet (irc.freenode.net)

  • Email: kate(at)canonical(dot)com

  • Jabber: skaet

Also see my Launchpad Profile.

Where to find me

Ubuntu Mailing Lists:

  • ubuntu-devel
  • ubuntu-devel-announce
  • ubuntu-devel-discuss
  • ubuntu-announce
  • ubuntu-release

Upstream Mailing Lists:

  • spdx
  • spdx-tech



As the Ubuntu Release Manager, I work with the release team to manage the Ubuntu development and long term support releases. Some of the areas I'm responsible for are:

  • holding weekly release meetings to get status across teams and highlight issues for the approaching milestones
  • coordinate pulling together the release notes for each of the milestones and final releases
  • review key open bugs to determine impact to release and specific milestones
  • work with release team to update and maintain release process pages
  • work with release team to manage image building and publishing
  • host sessions at UDS/rally's to deal with release issues ( post-release process analysis, licensing and copyrights, metric improvements, etc.)

Recent impacts:

  • worked with launchpad team to get o-series and p-series opened up for targeting future releases bugs/features to enable better planning
  • started bi-weekly SRU and LTS release meetings to get cross functional discussion as work out bi-weekly kernel SRU process intersecting with development release.
  • reworked release notes framework for 10.10, and technical overview notes for milestone releases.

On the community side:

  • co-chair of the SPDX working group, sponsored by FOSSbazaar and the Linux Foundation as part of their open compliance program. The purpose of this group is to come up with a standard way to exchange copyright and licensing information that can be shared among software supply chain providers. Some of this has been modeled after the DEP-5 approach, but extends beyond what is called for in DEP-5.

  • participant in project Harmony effort to standardize contributor agreements.

Trade Shows/Ubuntu/Linux Events

I spoke at the following events in 2010:

  • LCA business track (January)
  • Invited talk at Linux Collaboration Summit and 1/2 day work session on SPDX (April)
  • Linux Conference 2010 (August)
  • Panel participant at ACI Software Licensing (September)
  • Linux Plumbers- Licensing BOF (November), and was on program committee.

Planned Speaking Events for 2011

  • LCA business track (January)
  • Linux Collaboration Summit ( SPDX working session )