I, Keng-Yu Lin, apply for upload rights for package fwts.


Keng-Yu Lin

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Who I am

I am a software developer from Taiwan. I am hired by Canonical since 2009 as the kernel engineer in the Hardware Enablement team. Before Canonical I worked in Foxconn for the android phone development.

My Ubuntu story

I started to use Ubuntu in 2006. Before that I used Mandrake since 2002 (because it had the best l18n support then. However Ubuntu did much better afterwards \o/.).

During my graduate school days, I used Ubuntu (Edgy and Feisty) as my major development platform on my research on speech recognition and it worked amazingly.

After joining Canonical, my major contribution is on the kernel side. I looked after bugs like non-working hotkeys, suspend failure, backporting/packaging drivers, etc. for the preload image.

My involvement

My main contribution to Ubuntu is to help with bugs in Ubuntu preloads for OEMs. I do bug triage, forming patches, making sure the project schedule can meet. Also I will make these fixes upstream when they applies.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

At times I have to backport newer versions of drivers or package a new one for the Ubuntu preload image (usually based onthe most current Ubuntu stable release based). https://launchpad.net/~lexical/+archive/hwe-wireless and https://launchpad.net/~lexical/+archive/drm are typical ones. I still receives some "thank-you" mails from the user of these PPAs.

There are also a bunch of hotkey issues I fixed. Please see bugs assigned to me.

Personally I am also a Debian Maintainer of some packages in debian. All of them are new packages made by me.

Areas of work

As an employee of Canonical, most of my work is kernel-side, e.g. to neogitiate with the ODM BIOS team for the correct (or expected) interaction between BIOS and kernel; to write driver code to meet the specification (mostly for the dedicate hotkey or wireless killswitch or so.); to backport and package newer drivers, etc.

I am the maintainer of the fwts git tree. I am responsible for preparing the release and package uploading.

Outside of work, I also spend some time doing the maintaince of my packages in Debian.

Things I could do better

It could be the role of my team (kernel and oem preloads in general), I do not work as closely as other teams do in the Ubuntu Engineering. But since Ubuntu is the flagship project, I will be happy to take a part in its development.

Plans for the future


With the upload permission of fwts package, I hope to have a release/upload every 2 weeks in the current Ubuntu development cycle.

What I like least in Ubuntu

Not too much. Smile :-) Being a Traditional Chinese user in Taiwan, the most obvious thing I notice is that our website and wiki does not support multi-language well. Fedora and Suse is good in this way.

Unity/Dash kind of relies heavily on typing, but typing a Chinese character is not easy. IMHO, probaly there can be some improvement for 100% mouse users to locate an application.


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Specific Experiences of working together

I've sponsored several packages of Keng-Yu several times to Debian sid. He is working on the system hot-key problems and the "array" Chinese input method for ibus. He has good knowledge about his work and understand how to do Debian packages for his packages.


As a sponsor, just copy the template below, fill it out and add it to this section.

Daniel Holbach (dholbach)

General feedback

Always excellent work. I never had to comment much. It'd be great if Keng-Yu Lin could have upload rights for fwts.

Specific Experiences of working together

Martin Pitt

I just sponsored one package for Keng-Yu (a pm-utils SRU, see bug 715643). This went fine, and the patch was nontrivial. I do not have other data, so by that one upload I cannot give a recommendation, but it might add a little to the pool. Smile :-) Thanks Keng-Yu!

Colin King

Keng-Yu has been maintaining and packaging the firmware test suite (fwts) and doing an excellent job in reviewing and applying numerous patches into fwts. He has an excellent eye for detail and has spotted many potential buggy patches that I've submitted to the fwts mailing list(!).

I appreciate his attention to detail which is required for the patch management and packaging work required for fwts. Thank you Keng-Yu!

Timo Aaltonen

I've sponsored some uploads for Keng-Yu (ncluding fwts), and they've always been of good quality. Big thumbs-up from me on the application, thanks!


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