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About Kenny McHenry (kennymc0)

I just graduated from DeVry University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Electronics Engineering Technology at the end of October 2008. I'm looking forward to putting degree to good use in the technology field. I haven't been able to find a job in my field yet, but am looking and hope to find something soon.

I have been heavily involved in the Boy Scouts since I was 12. I worked hard and by February 2003 I earned the rank of Eagle Scout. Then I started spending most of my time in scouts with the Order of the Arrow. The order of the Arrow or O/A for short is the national honor society of scouts. During my time with the O/A I have achieve the Vigil honor, which is the highest honor you can receive in the O/A. I have also been a Chapter Chief and now am an advisor for one of the Vice Chiefs in the chapter. For the O/A you are considered a youth till you are 21, but after I turned 18 I became an Assistant Scoutmaster. I still participate in both my troop and the O/A as much as i possibly can.

I was born in Dallas, Texas, but my parents had to move when I was 2 and a half years old so I don't remember it. We moved to a small town in northern Alabama where we lived for about 6 years, and then for another year we lived in Wisconson for about a year. We then moved from Wisconson to Arizona, where we have lived for 12 years.


I have been using Ubuntu since version 6.06 Dapper Drake almost 3 years ago if I got my dates right which was a couple of months before I started at DeVry, and I have been using it ever since. I have been switching back and forth between Ubuntu and Kubuntu and have liked both. Both my laptop and my desktop are running dual boot with Ubuntu and that Windows XP. I still don't trust Vista in any form other than in a virtual machine.

Current Level of Involvement

Team Memberships

Arizona LoCo Team

  • Member Since: October 18, 2007
  • Ubuntero
  • I advocate Ubuntu by handing out CDs to family friends, etc. I try to carry a few Ubuntu CDs with me everywhere that I go.
  • Active in IRC on channels #ubuntu-us-az, #plugaz, #ubuntu-news on freenode. I help whenever I can, and help lighten the mood with a well timed joke or two. Sometimes it doesn't work as well as planned. Like: Why was the tomato red? .......Because it saw the salad dressing.
  • Helped plan and find the location for the Hardy Release Party. Passed out fliers before the event to help with participation. During the party I helped pass out CDs, and explained what Ubuntu was about and the LoCo team did to anyone that wanted to know.

  • Helped with planning the Hardy Install Fest. Also participated in the event, passed out fliers before hand, brought needed equipment for the event, and helped people install Ubuntu on their computers.

  • Helped plan AbleConf which was a collaborative effort between all the state Open Source groups. Also brought tables, and computers to the event for the team booth. Helped presenters with setting up their presentations in the conference rooms, and helped in any other way that I could.

  • Helped plan Phoenix Intrepid Install fest. I also participated in the event, and took pictures and helped out wherever I could.

  • Helped plan Tucson Intrepid Install Fest. I also participated in this event, took pictures, and helped however I could.

  • Team Website Administer - Helped build the new Team Website. The site will be live on Friday February 20th and is currently running in a test environment on one of our team servers.

  • Team Scribe - Arizona Team Meetings - Post logs from meetings for the Newsletter Team to use. Wasn't done on a consistent basis till I took over.

Arizona Team Meeting Logs

Ubuntu News Team

  • Member Since: November 3, 2008
  • Associate Editor - Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Began by compiling the bug stats, translation stats, 5-a-day stats, upcoming events, security updates, 6.06 updates, 7.10 updates, 8.04 updates, and 8.10 updates. Then moved on to working on the "In the Blogosphere" section. I also help with training of new contributers, and help anywhere else I can.

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Contributions

My Goals With Ubuntu

  • To support and promote Ubuntu to the best of my abilities.
    1. By continuing to offer support and encouragement through my presence in IRC
    2. By continuing to pass out CDs to anyone I can.
    3. By continuing to participate in future Release parties, Install fests, and any other events where I can promote Ubuntu.


Kenny has done fantastic work at the LoCo level with the Arizona Team. He attends every weekly meeting, takes care of the scribe work, participates in all the events, and is always willing to lend a hand. He is now working on the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Team and has brought that same willingness to help in any way to the newsletter team. Kenny lives by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and I highly recommend him for Ubuntu Membership. JohnCrawford

Most of interaction with Kenny has been with his work on the UWN. He is always looking for ways to help out and his work is greatly appreciated. - NickAli

I have known Kenny since he came into the Arizona LoCo. As a matter of fact, it's at least partly because of me that he joined, and I'm glad he did. He has proven himself to be resourceful and a hard worker - always willing to take on a new task, even if he has to be taught how to do it. And I've worked with him on the UWN, and taught him the basics of what needed to be done. He picked it up and ran with it. I think he would be a great candidate for Ubuntu membership, and an example to others. - CraigAEddy (tyche)

Thursday February 19 2009 Ubuntu-Meeting Log For Ubuntu Membership

20:31 < pleia2> kennymc0: you're up!
20:31 < scott_ev>  I'm here to support kennymc0.
20:31 < scott_ev>                 w00t!!!!!
20:31 < tyche_> I'm here to support kennymc0. w00t!!!!!
20:31 < slofgren> I'm here to support kennymc0 for membership
20:31 < kennymc0> thanks
20:31 < kennymc0> Hello, I'm Kenny McHenry. I'm a recent college grad and an eagle scout.  I've been a member of the Arizona LoCo team since October 18, 2007, and have been a contributer for the UWN since Issue 116. From  more information about me please check out:, and .
20:31 < slofgren> viva azloco
20:31 < br24> Im supporting kennymc0
20:31 [ johnc4510-laptop] I'm here to cheer for kennymc0. Kenny has done great work for the Arizona LoCo and also for the UWN. He is always willing to help others and lives by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. I _highly_ recommend him for membership.
20:32 < atoponce> wow. a cheerleading section. cool.
20:32 < atoponce> :)
20:32 < kennymc0> thanks guys
20:32 < myrtlebeachbums> I'm still here so that I can support kennymc0. kennymc0 has been with UWN since around the Intrepid release, and he's coming along quite well. He's not helping out in In The Blogosphere, and I know I appreciate his contribution every week.
20:32 < scott_ev> you betcha
20:32 < slofgren> go kennymc0
20:32 < pleia2> kennymc0: wow, great loco work :)
20:32 < kennymc0> thanks pleia2
20:33 < pleia2> kennymc0: I do a lot of scripe-work, so I know how time-consuming and tedious it can be - and thankless ;) so well done
20:33 < kennymc0> thankyou very much
20:33 < kennymc0> i do everything that i can
20:33 < kennymc0> and then some :)
20:33 < br24> kennymc0 certainly does
20:34 > dmsuperman > n=dmsuperm@unaffiliated/dmsuperman has joined
20:34 #ubuntu-meeting
20:34 < atoponce> kennymc0: i see a lot of loco work, and you say you've done uwn work?
20:34 < slofgren> kennymc0 has helped me with our team server installations as well
20:34 < dmsuperman < n=dmsuperm@unaffiliated/dmsuperman has left
20:34 #ubuntu-meeting ()
20:35 < kennymc0> atoponce: i have been working on the uwn since 116 started out with the updates and stats sections and now am working on the in the blogosphere section and the upcoming events
20:35 < kennymc0> atoponce: i also helped train my replacement for the updates and stats section
20:36 < pleia2> kennymc0: do you have solid future plans? continuing work with UWN and LoCo, I presume, but anything else beyond that?
20:36 < kennymc0> pleia2: i plan to continue contributing to the uwn and helping with my LoCo and if anything comes up that i have the expertiese to help with i will jump on it
20:37 < kennymc0> pleia2: also if i dont have the expertise but someone is there that can teach me what to do then i will also do whatever i can
20:37 < kennymc0> i'm very open to learning new things
20:37 < atoponce> kennymc0: what do you plan on doing with the loco, specifically
20:37 < pleia2> kennymc0: cool, being willing to jump on new things is important :)
20:38 >> kennymc0<< atoponce: i plan on continuing to help with install fests and release parties. If johnc4510-laptop needs any more help with the day to day running of the team then i'll help him however i can.
20:38 < tyche_> kennymc0 is also a website admin for the new AZ Team site
20:38 < kennymc0> i've also been helping build our new website and am going to be one of the admins for it
20:39 < pleia2> tyche_: oh, is he responsiblef or that beautiful thing?
20:39 < kennymc0> tyche_: you beat me to it
20:39 < tyche_> Soon to come to a browser near you.
20:39 [ johnc4510-laptop]   going live this weekend
20:39 < tyche_> Yep
20:39 < pleia2> awesome :)
20:39 [ johnc4510-laptop] kennymc0 did a lot of the work
20:39 < pleia2> tyche_ showed some of us earlier, it's awesome
20:39 < myrtlebeachbums> The AZ team did an amazing job on that. Once again, I'm jealous. :)
20:39 < atoponce> very nice
20:39 < pleia2> great work, kennymc0! +1 from me
20:39 < kennymc0> thankyou pleia2
20:39 < vorian> I'm happy to +1 kennymc0, great work!
20:39 * MTecknology* johnc4510-laptop: check out
20:39 < effie_jayx> +1 from me to
20:39 < kennymc0> thankyou vorian
20:39 < atoponce> +1 from me as well. strong loco work and good contribution to uwn
20:39 [ johnc4510-laptop] w000t for kennymc0 congrats bud   yahoooooo!!!!!
20:39 < kennymc0> thankyou effie_jayx
20:40 < cody-somerville> +1
20:40 [ johnc4510-laptop] MTecknology: will do
20:40 < Technoviking> +1, great work, keep it up :)
20:40 < kennymc0> thankyou atoponce
20:40 < vorian> kennymc0: you earned it :)
20:40 < scott_ev> AZ LoCo adds another one!!! Woot!!!
20:40 < kennymc0> thankyou cody-somerville
20:40 < Jeff_Martin> w00t ! and congrats kennymc0!!
20:40 < effie_jayx> congrats kennymc0
20:40 < kennymc0> thakyou Technoviking
20:40 [ johnc4510-laptop] :)
20:40 < boredandblogging> awesome, congrats kennymc0!
20:40 < tyche_> Congratulations, kennymc0.  I knew you could do it. YAAAAAAAAA-HOOOOOOO!!!
20:40 < scott_ev> AZ LoCo adds another one!!! Woot!!!
20:40 < slofgren> congrats kennymc0
20:40 > techno_freak > n=parthan@unaffiliated/teknofreak has joined
20:40 #ubuntu-meeting
20:40 < kennymc0> Thankyou everyone
20:40 < br24> awesomeness kennymc0!
20:40 < itnet7> congrats kennycm0
20:40 < Jeff_Martin> thank you kennymc0
20:40 < nhandler> Congrats kennymc0
20:40 < kennymc0> thankyou
20:40 < pleia2> congrats kennymc0 :)
20:40 < effie_jayx> tyche_,  yeah no need for quilts and swords there
20:40 < kennymc0> thanks

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