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[ Zuph] is in contact with the Oldham County School Board. He has obtained roughly 60 computers meeting our requirements. They will be available mid-April.
He would like volunteers to help move them.
[ Montgoej] has 10 monitors.


Roadmap: (To do order)

  • Petition local organizations to donate functional machines. (In progress)

    • prefer 500mhz or greater, and intact. Other specs are variable.
  • Determine central meeting place. (Holding)

    • get the computers working, up to certain spec, and install Ubuntu.
  • Develop our Linux package. (In Discussion)

    • consider using Edubuntu, or a derivative, that will run on slow machines.
    • it would be preferably to have a Mirror of Wikipedia on the machines (almost 10gb of data)
    • try to standardize the package for slipstreaming.
  • Locate suitable donation candidates and expand the project. (In Discussion)

Topics of discussion:

  • Who can get machines? How many and what kind of Specs?
  • What should our MINIMUM baseline specs be? Most utilities will run reasonably well on 500mhz.
  • What do we want in our Linux Package? Who has the expertise to slipstream this into one install CD?

All of this is in order of priority. I will update this post periodically with important info from the thread.


[ Montgoej] has 10 monitors.

Forum info

To make comments on the project, or ask questions, go to the forum at


  • [:KentuckyTeam/CharityProject/Members:Charity Project Members]

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