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 * Petition local organizations to donate functional machines '''(In progress)'''  * Petition local organizations to donate functional machines. '''(In progress)'''
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 * Determine central meeting place '''(Holding)'''  * Determine central meeting place. '''(Holding)'''

Roadmap: (To do order)

  • Petition local organizations to donate functional machines. (In progress)

    • prefer 500mhz or greater, and intact. Other specs are variable.
  • Determine central meeting place. (Holding)

    • get the computers working, up to certain spec, and install Ubuntu.
  • Develop our Linux package. (In Discussion)

    • consider using Edubuntu, or a derivative, that will run on slow machines.
    • it would be preferably to have a Mirror of Wikipedia on the machines (almost 10gb of data)
    • try to standardize the package for slipstreaming.
  • Locate suitable donation candidates and expand the project.

Topics of discussion:

  • Who can get machines? How many and what kind of Specs?
  • What should our MINIMUM baseline specs be? Most utilities will run reasonably well on 500mhz.
  • What do we want in our Linux Package? Who has the expertise to slipstream this into one install CD?

All of this is in order of priority. I will update this post periodically with important info from the thread.


Zuph is in contact with the Oldham County School Board. Additionally, the Board conducts an annual auction.

Forum info

To make comments on the project, or ask questions, go to the forum at

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