Adding firmware to linux-firmware-nonfree package

If the firmware is not in upstream tree, or does not come up a license and it is something that is part of the driver source package that needs this firmware for the driver to work correctly. You need to add it to the linux-firmware-nonfree package.

  • get the linux-firmware-nonfree package

sudo apt-get source linux-firmware-nonfree
  • add the firmware to this package.

cp <your firmware to> ./linux-firmware-nonfree-1.7/firmware/
  • update the changelog

cd ./linux-firmware-nonfree-1.7/debian
dch -v <new version>
  • do a debuild to make sure everthing looks ok
  • then build the package that needs to be uploaded.

cd ./linux-firmware-nonfree-1.7/debian
debuild -S 
  • copy the files over to a public repo and email TimGardner

    • XXX<new version>

    • XXX<new version>_source.changes

    • XXX<new version>.tar.gz

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