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Welcome to the KernelTeam FAQ! The aim of this page is to provide an up to date list of common questions that we get. We encourage you to update this document when something is missing so it becomes a core source of information for the project.

General Questions

Can I get a patch included in Ubuntu's kernel?

See KernelPatches.

The Ubuntu kernel config produces huge packages

Our build includes CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO in order to produce linux-debug-image packages. We then manually strip the modules after build.

If you re-use our config for your own build, your best bet is to change this line in the config:


To this:

# CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO is not set

I get dm-linear errors upgrading to gutsy

We've removed a long time patch to our kernel to work around problems in evms. This patch creates more issues than it "fixes". Please see this FAQ for work arounds: http://evms.sourceforge.net/install/kernel.html#bdclaim

Special Sauce Patches

Here is a list of patches applied to the Gutsy kernel that are not already upstream.

commit aaed87be2dd4cd3499b092d429e805a50dd797c1 UBUNTU: acpi_scan_rsdp() breaks some PCs by not honouring ACPI specification

commit f2659689109662e4fc2d8755822df63a70c74554 UBUNTU: Disable MMCONFIG by default

commit 82e59f13411108d58e7681ca7ac18a0f7849d4a5 Use compat_sys_getdents

commit 66229db6579602007bf8a509da68de1057aaaf13 UBUNTU: PPC: Only set hwif stuff when ide-core is non-modular

commit 713cf916be1ce74fe96dc1a14fc260469a095606 UBUNTU: i386/x86_64: Allow disabling the putstr's from compressed boot wrapper

commit 9e9eb927bb9ea73c58464ef43397139cbcecc098 UBUNTU: ACPI: Allow custom DSDT tables to be loaded from initramfs

commit 82a5e08bfbbde060471d00821f70c6977eec01a6 UBUNTU: Fix ACPI battery detection on Asus

commit b478b18f0842c250dc7ff33da531ba8f83975bad UBUNTU: fix memory leak in psparse.c

commit 412c7581742c216b6ae0db311fde1401639b7097 UBUNTU: Add infrastructure for notification on ACPI method execution

commit 40882cdc77d00b31a1fa111593084f756858e646 UBUNTU: toshiba_acpi: Don't use init_MUTEX_LOCKED

commit 350cae05ebcac655bbd63dcc3e1fe972a257d01e UBUNTU: Catch nonsense keycodes and silently ignore

commit 622d3fb8a0200a4448c340d874239aad53c46034 UBUNTU: RTC: Ratelimit "lost interrupts" message

commit be70e2f756c77106efab4bc687d6c5c3021a96bd UBUNTU: input: Allow root to inject unknown scan codes.

commit e22ad0ffa59fdfb5186e205e49d190718c772c93 UBUNTU: Guest OS does not recognize a lun with non zero target id on Vmware ESX Server

commit 272c0f4564a1b28c16bb0d7ebf830cffb77d722b UBUNTU: Disable Thinkpad backlight support on machines with ACPI video

commit bf5101b3f97631f0d42a62fb84a928ac49795ae5 UBUNTU: scp big file causing General Protection Failure

commit 9f759941b606b7cb19556fe198298f62a745a3bb UBUNTU: irda: Default to dongle type 9 on IBM hardware

commit de50a2d8f0b6227a8b35a3db81bcb19c1107d235 UBUNTU: tulip: Fix for Uli5261 chipsets.

commit 8dedc62d72d630b6278420dad36652bfc7fd99b1 UBUNTU: hostap: send events on data interface as well as master interface (should be submitted upstream) commit a2fe680ed1138fc8cc2a18bd5ccebe12d9e27792 UBUNTU: hostap: send events on data interface as well as master interface

commit 1e0e565b6e11292c6a55888f9eeacb2fbbdaf0d1 [PATCH] Update my email address from jkmaline@cc.hut.fi to j@w1.fi

commit d0ecf29b6abcd567121e63aa43f06e7c587d89e7 [PATCH] Fix ipw2200 set wrong power parameter causing firmware error

commit ece5706a49347741be17f0e304bdadbace94babd UBUNTU: fix orinoco_cs oops commit 0fd77efbd8364d6a2625bbc4b84c1f3c26387655 UBUNTU: orinoco_cs.ko missing

commit 59a982ddda55bdaf031e8b5d593d18b5b5215484 UBUNTU: Disable MSI by default

commit f5e0c9fa067147317a935dd74459e69771465886 UBUNTU: VIA southbridge Intel id missing (should go upstream)

commit 2e1b0a4653a0d96c253782a9e9369125e59d9303 UBUNTU: [USB] USB] Support for MediaTek MT6227 in cdc-acm. (should be pushed upstream)

commit f887b63133717e34ee6e7ece58823bebd61547df UBUNTU: Reorder quirk list based on Vendor/Product ID

commit d97f7da8c1eb422d9741a8dac3037820eb1e7c42 UBUNTU: [USB] Added support for Sprint Pantech PX-500. commit a727fc07ca823a665492a40ace45c4b0df542c74 UBUNTU: [USB] Add support for Toshiba (Novatel Wireless) HSDPA for M400.

commit 6a7024949b3c26ce3027995218159d49b151ff67 UBUNTU: Enable Sierra Wireless MC8775 0x6813 commit dee610d11dfdf343182a2f800c0cf0e15f21bd5d UBUNTU: [SIERRA] Adds support for Onda H600 ZTE MF330

commit 1861cba4ed52e9aea617e980a033a840c3e15b90 UBUNTU: Nikon cameras need support in unusual_devs.h (should go upstream)