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Welcome to the KernelTeam FAQ! The aim of this page is to provide an up to date list of common questions that we get. We encourage you to update this document when something is missing so it becomes a core source of information for the project.

Getting Help

I have problems with Ubuntu where do I go?

If you have general issues you should visit the #ubuntu IRC channel on FreeNode, people here can help you work out where your issue is and to files bugs on it.

I have a kernel problem where do I go?

If you have a problem which is related to the kernel you should visit the #ubuntu-kernel IRC channel on FreeNode (See How do I find the kernel team?).

General Questions

Developer Questions

Can I get a patch included in the Ubuntu Kernel?

See KernelTeam/KernelPatches.

Why is patch X not applied to Release Y?

It is not always possible to backport a fix to an older release. The key requirement for any changes applied to older releases is that they not introduce any regressions for other users. The fix may help your case but cause issues on other systems. This introduces risk in releasing fixes in older releases and may sometimes prevent us fixing your problem. Often we will only be able to fix these types of issues in the next release. This is outside the kernel team's control, see the StableReleaseUpdates and KernelTeam/KernelUpdates pages for details.

Why is feature X not enabled in the Ubuntu Kernel?

Often features have never been requested before and therefore not enabled, in other cases they may be incompatible with other features and cannot be enabled. Contact the Kernel Team (See How do I find the kernel team?) and ask.

Why does a local build produce such enormous packages?

Our build includes CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO in order to produce linux-debug-image packages. We then manually strip the modules after build.

If you re-use our config for your own build, your best bet is to change this line in the config:


To this:

  • # CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO is not set