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See the Lauchpad page for more information:
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 * CategoryKernel - A complete list
 * KernelTeamWork
 * KernelTeamTasks
 * KernelGitGuide
 * CategoryKernel - A complete list (some may be out of date)
 * KernelTeamWork - Policies and procedures of the team
 * KernelTeamTasks - Tasks of the kernel team
 * ["KernelTeamFAQ"] - FAQ
 * KernelGitGuide - Getting the Ubuntu and upstream kernel sources
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 KernelTeamAgenda:: None scheduled

= Kernel team resources =

 KernelTeamTasks:: Tasks of the kernel team
 KernelTeamToDoList:: TODO list
 KernelTeamWork:: Policies and procedures of the team
 KernelTeamFAQ:: FAQ
 KernelTeamAgenda - None scheduled

Kernel Team

The Kernel Team aims to provide the best kernel for Ubuntu by maintaining a high-quality, consistent package across the supported and unsupported arches.


The leader of the kernel team is Ben Collins.

The Linux kernel in Ubuntu has, until this point, been primarily maintained by a series of different individuals. As Ubuntu takes on more architectures and more users, it needs a solid team to help maintain this essential piece of infrastructure.

Discussion for the team currently occurs on the [ kernel-team] list.

How you can help

Any of the following would be useful:

  • Bug Maintainance
  • Improved Wiki Documentation
  • Kernel bug triaging

See the Lauchpad page for more information:


The Team maintains the following packages (at time of writing):

      2.6.17 (edgy)
      2.6.15 (dapper)
      2.6.12 (breezy)
      2.6.10 (hoary)

Useful Wiki Documentation

Kernel team meetings

CategoryUbuntuTeams CategoryKernel

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