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This page is part of the debugging series — pages with debugging details for a variety of Ubuntu packages.


Bugs relating to <package name/category> typically fall into X categories:

  1. User interface bugs - require a detailed description of the issue, steps to reproduce and screen captures where appropriate.
  2. Crasher bugs - Log files from the crash incident are required to track down these.
  3. Hardware specific bugs - The developers may not have access to the hardware that triggers this bug. Certain log files and command outputs can help
  4. Package selection - Help to find the right package (may be specific to category -- a bug filed as ubiquity may in fact be a casper d-i bug, an xorg bug may be an xorg-driver bug, etc.)

How to file

Useful for bug-filers and as a boiler-plate advice for triagers. This is the minimum information required for a bug report.

Bug tags

Bug tags specific to the package or area should be included here for reporters so they can tag their bug report. It will also be useful for triagers. The Bugs/Tags wiki page should then be modified to include these tags.

Debugging procedure

In depth debugging procedures for this particular package or subsystem. This usually is information about the log files to gather and what to look for in them.

How to Triage

Information that will facilitate the triaging of bugs for this package or subsystem. Remind triagers of the bug tags in use for this particular package.

Stock Reply

A stock reply to be used for initial bug reports basically asking for the stuff in "How to file". The Bugs/Responses page should include this reply.

How to Forward

In the event that the package or subsystem has an upstream bug tracker this section should contain detailed steps to forward a bug to that tracker. Some packages may just link to the general "How to Forward" page for another bug tracker like Gnome's bugzilla or's bug tracker.

Known bugs

Description of known bug reports that may receive duplicates and how to recognise them. This information should be obtained by looking for bugs tagged as 'metabug'.






The subject from LP

This bug can be identified by ...






The subject from LP

This bug can be identified by ...


How to recognise common issues arising from hardware failures, common feature requests and other invalid bugs for this category. Advice how triage them and stock responses.

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