The mainline build archive is created using the mainline-build script set from the kernel build tools repository as below:

  • git clone git://


  • git clone

Building on Zinc

The simplest way to build a specific mainline release is to use the mainline-build script. This will prepare a tree (in $HOME/mainline/build) based on our Jaunty tree and then fetch any mainline or stable mainline update trees as required to obtain the tag you wish to build. It will then go ahead and build i386 and amd64 architecture kernels for the generic flavour. Finally it will move those completed binaries into the mainline archive ($HOME/public_html/mainline/<release>/*.deb).

To build a specific release:

  • .../kteam-tools/mainline-build/mainline-build v2.6.29-rc4

NOTE: this script always will overwrite files in $HOME/build and $HOME/public_html/mainline.

NOTE: only one build may be executing at any one time.

Building at Home

The primary interface is only intended to be run on directly, if you are attempting to do this elsewhere you will need to prepare the build tree in a similar manner to that in mainline-build, and then execute mainline-build-one with the appropriate tag:

  • ./mainline-build-one v2.6.29-rc4

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