bzr branch lp:~canonical-kernel-team/arsenal/kernel arsenal
bzr branch lp:~arsenal-devel/arsenal/python-launchpadlib-toolkit/

cd arsenal/contrib/linux
ln -s ../ .
ln -s ../../../python-launchpadlib-toolkit/lpltoolkit/ .

The first script will require you to authenticate with Launchpad. Select the Change non private data option.


usage: ./

retargets bugs reported against linux-meta (et al) and moves them to the correct linux kernel package. tags kj-linux-meta


Expires old incomplete bugs. Also checks for requested debug information and moves status from Incomplete to Triaged.

usage: ./ <pkg_name>

Checks triaged bugs which have a last comment being more than 180 days old. If this is the case, mark the bug Incomplete and post comment to try the latest and confirm the issue still exists.

usage: ./ <pkg_name>

Tags bugs based on series it was reported against.

usage: ./

Cleans up suspend_test_finish warnings. Either marks them as a duplicate of the master bag or sets them to Triaged.

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