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## page was renamed from KernelPackageVersioning

For the kernel packages themselves, please use the appropriate git scripts, as detailed in KernelMaintenance. For linux-restricted-modules:

  • New orig.tar.gz causes the "Release" to bump, but not the ABI. This also resets the "Revision":

    2.6.M.REL-ABI.REV -> 2.6.M.(REL+1)-ABI.1

  • Changes to packaging causes a "Revision" bump, but not "Release" or ABI:

    2.6.M.REL-ABI.REV -> 2.6.M.REL-ABI.(REV+1)

  • ABI bumps requires a "Revision" bump, but leaves "Release" unchanged:

    2.6.M.REL-ABI.REV -> 2.6.M.REL-(ABI+1).(REV+1)

Note: In the rare event that a queued package fails to build, you must bump the version number in debian/changelog before re-queuing.

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