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Note: Netbooks are LPIA bit not MIDs ?? Note: Netbooks are LPIA but not MIDs ??

Management of LPIA Kernel Trees

Abbreviations: DISTRO == standard Ubuntu distribution

MID == Mobile Internet Device

The Current Situation

LPIA kernel trees are being maintained in multiple git repositories.


The Hardy MID LPIA tree is located here: git://kernel.ubuntu.com/mid-team/hardy-netbook.git

The Hardy DISTRO tree is here: git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-hardy.git

MID deliverables are currently all based off of the Hardy release

Note: Netbooks are LPIA but not MIDs ??

Do we need a third column in this table? DISTRO, NETBOOK, MID

These trees have the following differences:

Hardy LPIA kernel differences




High Mem support

No HM support

Requires HM support

ALSA patches

Hardy baseline

Has backports from later kernels

frequency of releases

seldom | sometimes multiple times per day

Menlow/Non Menlow support



ALSA as a LUM module


must build both in-kernel DRM and PSB DRM module, select at boot time

Adding drivers

probably in kernel, may not want all of them

need to be added to LUM

Statements that I can't resolve into the above framework:

config (Netbooks are LPIA arch but not MIDS)

  • This means enabling HIGHMEM, SECURITY, and other support that is

not in the default LPIA kernel.


Desired Outcome

We would like to bring all the kernels into one repository. The purposes are:

  1. to improve maintainability by making security and other patches easily available to all
  2. to bring the fast-moving development for mid devices into the distro

which flavours are required

  • Should we maintain separate flavours for netbook and other builds with different requriements? Is proliferation of flavours a problem?

How branches are managed

With everything in one tree, we can branch as needed to meet the frequent release requirements for netbooks, and pull all branches back into the main distro branch when convenient.

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