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Outstanding actions from last meeting

Blueprints: kernel-karmic-hwdb-workshop (ogasawara)

Not much new. hwdb profiles profiles currently contain both hw data and test results. This information will now be separated.

Blueprints: kernel-karmic-kms (apw)

KMS on intel is still getting quite a lot of updates, a lot as a result of testing by the X team, looking pretty good still. KMS on ATI Radeon is improving, we now have a PPA with a KMS kernel and c-o-d mesa to support it, testing is ongoing. Noveau is not planned for Karmic but we continue to offer updated kernels for testing, no mesa support as yet.

Blueprints: kernel-karmic-new-kernel-on-lts (rtg)

rtg is getting close to starting to think about LTS backports again. No real progress since the last meeting. rtg has, however, had siome encouragement from the highest levels

Blueprints: kernel-karmic-review-of-non-upstreamed-code (smb)

This was re-reviewed at sprint and is now mostly complete. We are going to drop the Thinkpad modules as they are of dubious provenance. We are dropping appleir as that is now upstream. Much of the remaining noise is disabled packages and those will be removed at beta as they are not needed.

Blueprints: kernel-karmic-android (coolony)

bjf points out that cooloney has done some work on this but not a great deal. Anything that is not made progress by feature freeze drops out

Blueprints: kernel-karmic-sponsoring-staging-drivers (smb)

Removed from future agendas.

Blueprints: kernel-karmic-suspend-resume (manjo)

We did a HW compatibility test with live USB keys in dublin platform sprint, fou nd 18 suspend resume isses. Many of them attributed to bluetooth and some to bad bios. cking as good debug notes on how to debug suspend resume issues. suspend resume logs will be auto-rotated like other logs, and apport will report bugs based on frequency of failure (TBD). lieb is doing some staging work on the vt665x drivers. Suspend resume will be tested again at the atlanta linux fest, working on produc ing updated USB keys for ALF.

Blueprints: kernel-karmic-wifi (rtg)

The last remaining rfkill fix is upstream, should help acpi-support to close their bugs Removed from future agendas.

Blueprints: kernel-karmic-better-power-mgt (amitk)

No-op for this one. Not enough bandwidth to work on this for this cycle it seems. Removed from future agendas.

Other Release Tasks: AppArmor (jjohansen)

There are a few bugs, that were raised by the security team last week otherwise it is looking good

Other Release Tasks: ARM-Freescale (amitk, bjf)

Working through Marvell build issues. Freescale was uploaded yesterday and is now in the archive. rtg worked through the last of the packaging issues. Marvell has made further updates to their tree which I will get to after resolving the build issues amitk is working on fixing USB and ethernet (fec) bugs for Karmic now Email as been sent to Marvell about the problems building, but am not waiting for them to fix

Other Release Tasks: Union Mount Solution (apw)

Seems to be holding up under testing so far. No updates. Removed from future agendas.

Status: Karmic (rtg, apw)

We are rebased to -rc5 and expecting a new rc shortly ... No serious issues for Karmic. A4 looks to be on track.

Status: Netbook (sconklin, apw)

We have released a kernel update for jaunty, and also have changed some process. All progressing well. We don't have a full netbook test implementation as yet, so those are yet to come Seems like the OEM team wants to use LBM on one of their platforms. We'll have to crack a branch for that for ABI sync and all of that noise

Actions from this meeting

  • ACTION: bjf, Four agenda items are to be removed from future meeting agendas.
  • ACTION: apw to check up on drbd status in dkms package and kernel

Outstanding actions from last meeting

  • ACTION: apw to check up on drbd status in dkms package and kernel
    • RESULT: No action taken on this item, it has been kept open.

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