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Main Meeting


Outstanding actions from last meeting

  • none

Open Action Items: check up on drbd status in dkms package and kernel (apw)

  • APW vacation.

Karmic Release Status: Bugs (Release Meeting Bugs / RC Milestoned Bugs / Release Targeted Bugs)

Karmic Release Status: Milestoned Features

Karmic Release Status: Blueprints: hwdb workshop (ogasawara)

  • There is now a bzr branch of code for removing the HAL dependency from the hwdb and checkbox and using udev instead. This will hopefully be merged before feature freeze (which is in 2 days).

Karmic Release Status: Blueprints: kms (apw)

  • APW vaction

Karmic Release Status: Blueprints: new kernel on lts (rtg)

  • about to be uploaded, probably later today.

Karmic Release Status: Blueprints: review of non upstreamed code (smb)

  • went over the list a few minutes ago. Most things are complete, a few disabled but not yet dropped and one driver (lenovo-sl)

Karmic Release Status: Blueprints: android (coolony)

  • no change

Karmic Release Status: Blueprints: suspend resume (manjo)

  • Working on putting together the USB test kit, target ALF, test KMS & suspend resume.

Karmic Release Status: Other Release Tasks: AppArmour (jjohansen)

  • lp #359338 started testing on it friday, have a request pull with about 10 commits that needs to be sent out.

Karmic Release Status: Other Release Tasks: ARM-Freescale (amitk,bjf)

  • Jaunty got it's FSL update. All ER8-SP patches applied and available in official Jaunty tree. Currently updating the dove configuration in Karmic. Dove, karmic pacakges are being published.

Karmic General Status (rtg)

  • uploaded a -rc7 based kernel, expect final perhaps next week.

Security & bugfix kernels: Jaunty/Intrepid/Hardy/Others (smb)

  • Dapper: 2.6.15-54.79 (security)
  • Hardy: 2.6.24-24.59 (security)
    • 2.6.24-24.60 (proposed)[3] 0/2 verifications
  • Intrepid: 2.6.27-14.39 (security)
    • 2.6.27-14.40 (proposed+security/pending)
  • Jaunty 2.6.28-15.49 (security)
    • 2.6.28-15.50 (proposed/pending)
  • Intrepid is just a new upload for the previous proposed. Both Intrepid and

Jaunty are not yet accepted into proposed. Hopefully this happens this week.

Netbook Trees: status (sconklin, apw)

  • rtg just rebased the karmic netbook tree, I will test as soon as I can. All distro trees should now have the new debian directory structure in place.

Incoming Bugs: Regressions (ogasawara)

  • There were 4 regressions added to the list this week which smb and I reviewed yesterday and are currently investigating.

Incoming Bugs: Bug day report (ogasawara)

  • For bug 417732 it seem I found the source, Bug day stats can be seen at:http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ogasawara/kernel-bugday/20090818.html. I'd specifically like to point out that *all* 50 bugs in the community section were triaged! Everyone please give a big big thank you to Andres Mujica for his help! I'd also like to note that Andres is helping write a symptom based suspend/resume apport hook to help with bug reporting.

Open Discussion: Anyone have any questions ?

Actions from this meeting

  • remove android blueprint from agenda (bjf)`

Other Business

  • None

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