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Main Meeting


Open Action Items: (apw) Check up on drdb status in dkms package and kernel

  • Continuing.

Karmic Release Status: Bugs

Leann reported bug status via email to the group as she was on holiday.

Blueprints: kernel-karmic-hwdb-workshop (ogasawara)

Leann on holiday. The folowing is from her forwarded status:

  • See driver stats

  • I wrote a hwdb script to search for all known drivers and the total number of owners. In the future this will also show the total number of bugs related to a specific driver as checkbox just recently provided a way to save the hw profile submission id for apport to link to a bug. Note some drivers will have an "*" by their name indicating LP timed out while gathering the data so the stats will be inaccurate for those.

Blueprints: kernel-karmic-kms (apw)

  • kms is basically business as usual now for intel, fixes coming down the pipe for radeon but we are still waiting for them.
  • rtg asked about GPU lockup issues. Discussion followed and apw will look into it.

Blueprints: kernel-karmic-new-kernel-on-lts (rtg)

  • lts kernel - was ready to upload last week but got side tracked by a trip top St Louis.
  • pgraner wants to hold off moving it into the archive until more testing is done. He will work a plan with QA.

Blueprints: kernel-karmic-review-of-non-upstreamed-code (smb)

Remaining work to be done:

  • lenovo-sl: Partially updated, still has one update pending which needs some more work.
  • lmpcm_usb: Has not been enabled for a while (patch to remove it ready). This Logitech gizmo driver sounds like it should be supported by the normal drivers by now but I have not been validating this.

Blueprints: kernel-karmic-suspend-resume (manjo)

A lot of progress was made on the USB testing last week:

  • bug reporting on failed results
  • no suite selection dialog
  • a 'view report' page at the end of the test
  • the actual XML report file saved correctly
  • Marc is working on supporting HTML tags to descriptions so that we can have RTF for descriptions
  • need to work on uploading test results to server, an RT ticket has been filed for this.

Other Release Tasks: AppArmor (jjohansen)

  • AppArmor closed out bugs affecting security team #419308 #408473 #4084454 #419222 #401931 #419505

  • Turned #359338 over to jdstrand which he finished testing and closed
  • A new bug: #415632 is occuring and need to follow up with Amazon, after we get some more detailed time with it on Centos 5.0. I have the patches applied, but it is currently failing to link on some missing symbols.

Other Release Tasks: ARM-Freescale (amitk, bjf)

  • bjf: I'm in the middle of rebasing mvl-dove to -rc9 and testing, that should be done today (real soon now).
  • amitk: I've rebased imx51 to -rc8 and I am currently testing. Next, I will rebase to -rc9. I am also working on bugs 418238 and 420447.

Status: Karmic (rtg, apw)

We have just rebased to 2.6.31-rc9 based kernel. This is expected to be the last -rc, though so was -rc8. We should have a .31 kernel in before beta, likely by late this week.

Status: Security & bugfix kernels

  • Dapper: 2.6.15-54.79 (security)
  • Hardy: 2.6.24-24.59 (security), 2.6.24-24.60 (proposed)[17] 1/2 verifications, LUM-2.6.24-24.40 (proposed, uploaded today)
  • Intrepid: 2.6.27-14.39 (security), 2.6.27-14.41 (proposed)[8] 9/24 verifications
  • Jaunty 2.6.28-15.49 (security), 2.6.28-15.52 (proposed, uploaded today) 8/17 verifications, 1 regression caused by #228399 fixed by revert.

As always anyone listening/reading here and having bugs fixed in proposed, please update the bug with test information.

Status: Netbook (sconklin, apw)

Rebasing karmic netbook is in progress. It should be ready tommorrow which finishes this activity. This item is removed from future agendas.

Actions from this meeting

  • ACTION: jjohansen to set up a daily time and channel, probably #ubuntu-kernel, to track this issue and make sure the server team is invited.

Outstanding actions from last meeting

  • ACTION: apw to check up on drbd status in dkms package and kernel
    • RESULT: Continuing.

Support Bugs

  • Leann on holiday. She sent her report to the list via email.

Other Business

  • None

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