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20091124 Meeting Agenda

Outstanding actions from last meeting


Lucid Release Status: Bugs (Release Meeting Bugs / RC Milestoned Bugs / Release Targeted Bugs

Lucid Release Status: Milestoned Features

Blueprint: kernel-lucid-kernel-decision (apw)

As those who were at UDS are aware we have chosen 2.6.32 as our kerenl we still need to announce it formally on ubuntu-devel which is going to occur this week.

Blueprints: kernel-lucid-bug-handling (ogasawara)

Summary of work items listed, the blueprint/spec will get cleaned up and drafted for approval.

Blueprints: kernel-lucid-sru-policy-review (smb, ogasawara)

Beside the new policy being accepted not much update yet.

Blueprints: kernel-lucid-review-of-ubuntu-delta (apw)

Just been through the list of things to update and enumerated them we'll start the process of pulling them up to date shortly. We'll also go over the patch review.

Blueprints: kernel-lucid-kernel-config-review (apw)

We identified some anomles and those need tracking and applying.

Blueprints: kernel-lucid-kms (sconklin)

The nouveau driver devels ask that the entire drm stack from nouveau be brought in with the driver and this may break other drivers, notably intel. We'll see what fedora did and where they pulled from

Blueprints: kernel-lucid-suspend-resume (manjo)

The pm-utils package was fixed by the foundations team to rotate logs Work will start on adding hooks to let apport report the frequency of suspend/resume failure

Blueprints: kernel-lucid-apparmor-development (jjohansen)

The plan is to pull in the version being pushed upstream on the next push, I have been working on the audit refactor to address Eric Paris's NAK, and then I have some new feedback from Tetsuo to address. Therer should be a new upstream push this week. When the push is made upstream we'll pull it into lucid.

=== Blueprints: kernel-lucid-new-kernel-on-lts (rtg) == This won't be applicable until post Lucid so this agenda item will be removed until it becomes relevant.

Blueprints: kernel-lucid-boot-performance (apw)

There are two bits here, there is the work csurbhi is looking at for initramfs and there are some other patches apw has under test. Working into the rootfs population looking at whether this could be done in parallel right now. We're way over budget still, but we have some avenues including pulling apparmor out of the initramfs.

Other Release Tasks: Lucid Audio Support (bjf)

Been making contacts upstream, setting expectations w.r.t. daily builds, etc.

Other Release Tasks: Lucid Better Power Mgt (amitk)

Nothing to report.

Other Release Tasks: EC2 Lucid Kernel Status (jjohansen)

Pulled down the latest version of the patches against 2.6.32 this morning and jjohansen is working through the diffs (50+ patches), jjohansen post a pull request when I am done with it

Status: Lucid (apw)

We have just rebased to 2.6.32-rc8 and all is building and we are waiting on an -ec2 kernel else we are replete with kernels otherwise its quiet, its early in the cycle.

Security & bugfix kernels - Karmic/Jaunty/Intrepid/Hardy/Others (smb)

  • Dapper: 2.6.15-55.80 (security) Hardy: 2.6.24-25.63 (security) Intrepid: 2.6.27-15.43 (security) Jaunty: 2.6.28-16.57 (updates) Karmic: 2.6.31-15.50 (updates) Security update in progress. After that, the pending stable update for Karmic is supposed to go to proposed.

Incoming Bugs: Regressions (ogasawara)

Current regression stats:

Still reviewing regression-potential bugs to see if they should be moved to regression-release or if they've been resolved.

Incoming Bugs: Bug day report (ogasawara)

We'll start resuming Kernel Bug Days in two weeks (ie Tues Dec 8). Mail will be sent out.

Open Discussion

General discussion on using burndown charts. apw is leading this effort.

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