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20100230 Meeting Agenda

Outstanding actions from last meeting

  • JFo to send out regression bug day announcements on monday
    • e-mail went out last week for the schedule to all bug lists that normal bug days go to
  • JFo to do a wiki page on regression bug days

Release Metrics

<MootBot> LINK received: http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ogasawara/csv-stats/bugs-with-patches/linux/

Blueprints: kernel-lucid-bug-handling (JFo)

Only outstanding item for beta 2 still open: [leannogasawara] apport -- sub-system directed reporting [amber]:INPROGRESS all other beta 2 tasks are complete

Blueprints: kerne-lucid-kernel-config-review (apw)

PATA and SATA pull out is done and some debian installer fallout sorted out (thanks smb), and the review of the builtin sub-systems complete.

Blueprints: kernel-lucid-kms (sconklin / apw)

I've just released a test kernel which addresses the flickering problem with some Intel graphics devices. There are five bugs open against this: http://bit.ly/aiKuuL. Otherwise we are continuing to debug issues as they appear.

Blueprints: kernel-lucid-suspend-resume (manjo)

Nothing new to report.

Blueprints: kernel-lucid-apparmor-development (jjohansen)

Looking at Bug #458299, Bug #529288, Bug #544764, Bug #549428, which all seem to be inter-related or even possibly symptoms of the same bug

Blueprints: kernel-lucid-boot-performance (apw, csurbhi)

Looks like the remaining ureadahead work will get postponed to Lucid+1 as the userspace bits are not likely to make Lucid. That likely will close off the blueprint.

Other Release Tasks: Lucid Audio Support (bjf)

Did a bunch of arsenal work, blasted several hundred alsa-driver bugs with automated comments.

Other Release Tasks: Lucid Better Power Mgt (cnd)

Pushed a new set of packages out and a CFT (call for testing). No news since.

Other Release Tasks: EC2 Lucid Kernel Status (jjohansen)

Did lots of testing for Bug #540378, Bug #527208, haven't been able to trip either so we are looking good for EC2.

Status: Lucid (apw)

Lucid is at stable We are prepping to the Beta-2 freeze on Thursday, and expect to upload kernels for that early Wednesday. Anything we need in should be up for review _today_.

Security & bugfix kernels - Karmic/Jaunty/Intrepid/Hardy/Others (smb)

  • Hardy: 2.6.24-27.68 (security)
    • 2.6.24-27.69 (proposed)[ 6] 1/ 3 verifications done (+1)
  • Intrepid: 2.6.27-17.46 (security)
  • Jaunty: 2.6.28-18.60 (security)
  • Karmic: 2.6.31-20.58 (security)
    • 2.6.31-21.59 (proposed)[ 6] 2/19 verifications done (+2)
    • - LBM 2.6.31-20.22 (security)
      • 2.6.31-21.23 (proposed)[ 6] 0/ 2 verifications done
      - mvl-dove 2.6.31-212.26 (security)
      • 2.6.31-213.27 (proposed)[ 6]
      - fsl-imx51 2.6.31-109.25 (security)
      • 2.6.31-110.26 (proposed)[ 6] 0/ 1 verifications done
        • 1/ 1 failed! -> #507416

        2.6.31-111.27 (uploaded)
      - ec2 2.6.31-109.25 (security)
      • 2.6.31-110.26 (proposed)[ 6]
    • Karmic ec2 and mvl-dove have no open bug reports but were rebased to the version of master in proposed. Asked for quick re-test. Karmic fsl-imx51 needs to set the status right. An update for it has been uploaded today (consisting of previous and new changelog).

Incoming Bugs: Regressions (JFo)

Incoming Bugs 568 Lucid Bugs (up 130) Current regression stats (broken down by release):

regression-potential (up 38)

  • 166 lucid bugs

regression-update (up 1)

  • 12 karmic bugs
  • 5 jaunty bugs
  • 2 intrepid bugs
  • 1 hardy bug

regression-release (down 1)

  • 53 karmic bugs
  • 21 jaunty bugs
  • 11 intrepid bugs
  • 4 hardy bugs

regression-proposed (no change)

  • 1 karmic bug

please note the big bump in lucid regressions

Incoming Bugs: Bug day report (JFo)

  • Today is another Kernel Team 'regression-' bug day. Thanks for working on these last week. The next Kernel Regression Bug Day will be on Thursday of this week.

Open Discussion or Questions

  • Nothing this week

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