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20100622 Meeting Agenda

Open action item: manjo to send a patch with test info

Nothing new this week.

Open action item: jfo to put out a CFT on new firewire stack

This is holding for manjo's test kernel which will likely land in Alpha3. This is also tracked in the frewire blueprint.

Release Metrics


Alpha 2 Milestoned Bugs (17 (down 12))

Release Targeted Bugs (86 across all packages (up 3))




Milestoned Features

  • 13 blueprints (Including HWE Blueprints)

Bugs with Patches Attached:111 (down 6 from last week)

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-apparmor

No progress from last week. Doing the testing now

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-firewire-stack

Nothing new this week.

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-misc

The debian commonisation is progressing well, Lucid and Maverick are both applied. Karmic is still pending approval. The TI-OMAP4 preliminary kernel has now been created and pushed to the repository.

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-new-kernel-on-lts

Uploaded Ubuntu-lts-2.6.35-5.6 this morning to the kernel-ppa at http://ppa.launchpad.net/kernel-ppa/ppa/ubuntu. Submitted upstream patch to deprecate a netfilter config option CONFIG_NF_CT_ACCT which will have an impact on Lucid userspace when the 11.04 kernel is backported.

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-pv-ops-ec2-kernel

Ported over the latest .34 Xen patchset, it currently has some issues, so we will stay with Lucid EC2 kernel until they are resolved.

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-tracing-support

trace-cmd and kernelshark have been uploaded as of 2 hrs ago, feel free to give it a spin! Our version of perf probe now also supports the new -s option for specifying the source directory. This blueprint is pretty much fulfilled in terms of development. JFo has a task for looking at arsenal scripting responses for ftraceable bugs, but that's all. A todo task has been added to the kernel team's arsenal script todo list.

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-ubuntu-delta-review

2 of the usb sauce patches I pushed upstream to remove duplicate id's are now in gregkh-2.6 tree. Per feedback on linux-wireless ml, I fixed up and resent the p54usb patch to comment out a duplicate id. I also resent the ipw2200 enable led by default patch with TJ's official SOB. These last two are still pending acceptance.

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-union-mounts

The union mounts patches have been revised and are now at 2.6.34, however they are looking to be still undergoing heavy churn and review. I do not see them being ready for our use within the timescales required. We should probabally consider assuming it will not make it.

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-bug-handling

  • apw and I will be reworking the Triage section of the wiki. I'll be adding a page for the BugDays and moving over some relevant information from the old ones, but generally leaving legacy information there.

  • The forum moderators are excited to be helping us address kernel related forum topics as well as bugs filed due to comments in the forums. More to come on this
  • I've sent out an initial inquiry out to gauge the interest in the proposed kernel triage summit. So far the response has been immensely positive. the X community is involved and it seems that there is a great deal of interest in the classes on specific subsystems. I also sent out a call for experts to address some of the subsystems that have a separate component outside the kernel such as X and audio specifically. I'll send out some more specific e-mails as time goes on to gather subject experts for the classes.

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-upstart

The initargs patches have now been tested, updated and pushed to the Maverick kernels. The ureadahead patches remain untested.

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-bios-test-automation

  • Changes to Firmware Test Suite this week:
    • Add in heurstic driven advice when detecting errors (lots of textual help)
    • Lots of code tidy up (fix memory leaks, func return values), tested with valgrind
    • Add in generic CPU identification code
    • Automate debian packaging from git repo
    • Put in PPA http://ppa.launchpad.net/firmware-testing-team/ppa-firmware-test-suite

    • Scan ~2870 kernel logs from LP, extract errors, tune klog scanner to detect these errors.
    • Regex pattern matching on log scanning (slower, more flexible though)

Status: Maverick

We just uploaded the linux-2.6.35-5.6 kernel yesterday. This primarily contains kernel config changes, so please test. Alpha 2 is Thurs July 1 (ie ~1week from today). You should be finalizing any work items you have or pushing them out to Alpha3 if they're not Alpha2 release critical. Note that we're currently above the trend line in our Alpha 2 burn down chart so get those items closed or moved asap! Also, if you have any patches which you want to land in the Alpha2 kernel, they need to be sent to the kernel-team ml and have garnered the appropriate Ack's *before* this Fri, June 25. I plan to upload our final Alpha2 kernel Thursday afternoon/Friday morning PST (UTC-7).

ARM Status

  • Marvel (mvl-dove) :
    • mvl-dove branch in lucid has been updated to sync with the latest Marvell Dove LSP 5.2.1 (mostly fixes), as well as one additional fix to the resume failure from hibernation.
  • Freescale (fsl-imx51):
    • Nothing new this week; however, cooloney indicates that smb may have completed some work to upload the kernel to -proposed.
  • Texas Instruments (ti-omap):
    • A new topic branch named ti-omap4 was merged into Maverick. It is based on TI 2.6.34 omap4 kernel tree. rtg also helped to pull the branch and sync the Debian packaging stuff with our Maverick master branch. TI said they will provide a 2.6.35-rc based omap4 tree to our Maverick in the middle of Aug.

Security & bugfix kernels - Karmic/Jaunty/Intrepid/Hardy/Others

Incoming Bugs and Regressions

Incoming Bugs:




28 (+5)


980 (+30)

Current regression stats:







12 (+4)


223 (?)

34 (+4)

142 (+6)




46 (-2)








Incoming Bugs: Bug day report

Today's bug day will be focusing on working Confirmed bugs and getting them to either Incomplete, by way of testing or information requests, or Triaged based on the completeness of the bug. My goal is to work through all of the Confirmed bugs to get them in the correct state. The Team Bug Days will continue to be the two half days on Friday and Monday. Please provide me feedback on these as you have it. Next week's bug day will be two-fold. On the one hand, we will change the remaining lucid regression-potential bugs to regression release. On the other hand, we will be reviewing the incorrectly labeled new bugs that need to be some other status based on either response by the bug reporter or the inclusion of requested logging.

Open Discussion or Questions: Anyone have anything?

  • Just a reminder that we are all meant to be helping with the wiki gardening effort ... this needs to be basically complete by the end of the platform sprint, there is a long todo of small items people can help out with. For the date & time challenged that is 23 July. The todo list

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