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20100831 Meeting Agenda

ARM Status

  • Marvel (mvl-dove)
    • MISC : Now we have both mvl-dove branch in lucid and maverick, though it's moved straight
      • from lucid to maverick (so it's 2.6.32 based) - thanks Tim/Brad/Andy Leann for this
    • MISC : Received LSP 5.3.3 from Marvell, 23 patches, some are minor feature change and do not
      • qualify as SRU, will send my preliminary review out soon
  • Freescale (fsl-imx51)
    • Nothing new this week
  • Texas Instruments (ti-omap)
    • REBASE : Updated to TI OMAP4 2.6.35 based kernel release, 2.6.35-903.8 was uploaded
    • PATCH : B613855 BB XM always boots with MMC as read-only due to incorrect GPIO settings
    • ON GOING : B608266 fix submitted and accepted - still waiting for mobile team to test
    • ON GOING : B563650 problem is not related to DPMS, but with VT driver entering power saving mode
    • NEW : B624652 new Panda version (ES2.0) needs a working bootloader

Release Metrics:

Release Meeting Bugs (6 bugs, 9 Blueprints)

Beta Milestoned Bugs (12 across all packages (down 19))

  • 1 linux kernel bugs (down 1)
  • 0 linux-fsl-imx51 bugs (no change)
  • 0 linux-ec2 bugs (no change)
  • 0 linux-mvl-dove bugs (no change)
  • 0 linux-ti-omap bugs (no change)
  • 0 linux-meta-ti-omap bug (no change)

Release Targeted Bugs (142 across all packages (up 14))

  • 12 linux kernel bugs (down 5)
  • 1 linux-fsl-imx51 bugs (no change)
  • 0 linux-ec2 bugs (no change)
  • 3 linux-mvl-dove bugs (up 1)
  • 1 linux-ti-omap bugs (no change)
  • 0 linux-meta-ti-omap bug (no change)

Milestoned Features

  • 13 blueprints (Including HWE Blueprints)

Bugs with Patches Attached:118 (down 1)

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-bug-handling

Nothing to report... yet much coming soonish

Blueprint: kernel-maverick-bios-test-automation

no change (been on vacation)

Status: Maverick

Some armel udebs were accidentally removed from the archive over the weekend. As a result, it was easiest to just upload a 2.6.35-19.28 kernel to re-generate the missing udebs. There is no real change in code. Beta Freeze is in effect as the Maverick Beta release is this Thurs Sept 2nd. That means no kernel uploads without the approval of the release team until after the Beta release. Also, keep in mind that Kernel Freeze is Thurs Sept 16th, ie ~2weeks away. Remember after Kernel Freeze, we transition to our SRU policy in order to apply patches. We are above our Beta burn down chart's trend line. I'll be re-targetting beta work items to the final release milestone tomorrow. Looking ahead towards our final release, we need to start closing out all remaining open work items to ensure we stay below the overall burn down chart.

Security & bugfix kernels - Karmic/Jaunty/Intrepid/Hardy/Others





Dapper: Kernel


Hardy: Kernel



Jaunty: Kernel


Karmic: Kernel




0/ 4

= mvl-dove




0/ 4

= fsl-imx51


= ec2




0/ 4

Lucid: Kernel






= mvl-dove


= fsl-imx51


= ti-omap


= ec2


Lucid 2.6.32-24.42 has moved to updates just today. Uploaded 2.6.32-25.43 which contains the accumulated upstream stable releases until but currently excludes the drm portions. We are in the process to collect those drm patches since the end of 2.6.33.y that look good for stable backports. Rebased uploads for Lucid-ec2 and Lucid-mvl-dove will follow shortly.

Incoming Bugs: Regressions

Incoming Bugs 368 Maverick Bugs (up 44) 958 Lucid Bugs (up 43) Current regression stats (broken down by release):


  • 178 maverick bugs (up 20)
  • 162 lucid bugs (up 3: to be converted to regression-release)


  • 43 lucid bugs (up 1)
  • 7 karmic bugs (up 1)
  • 4 jaunty bugs (no change)
  • 0 hardy bug (down 1)


  • 167 lucid bugs (up 11)
  • 37 karmic bugs (down 1)
  • 18 jaunty bugs (up 1)
  • 3 hardy bugs (up 1)


  • 4 lucid bugs (no change)
  • 1 karmic bug (no change)

Incoming Bugs: Bug day report

Next week's bug day will be focused on bugs in the Triaged state. We will work through getting them tagged with the appropriate subsystem and make sure that the ones that need to be looked at more closely are tagged appropriately. We will continue to have the Team Bug Day to address the Top 50 list as half days on Friday and Monday. Reviewers, please take a look at your needs-review lists and help us keep the process moving. Please also take ownership of your bugs as you work them so we can get them fixed or otherwise off the list. There are several subsystems owned by all that need to be reviewed for inclusion in our top 50 list.

Triage Status

I have not taken the time this week to work with the kernel bug triagers, but I hope to do so this coming week. I've been, and will need to continue, working on work items so that they are being closed out. There is much work being done, but some of them have required more than I was prepared for. The Triage Sumit will be on the 11th. I'm sending out e-mail on it today.

Open Discussion or Questions


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