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Meeting minutes.


20110201 Meeting Agenda

ARM Status

Nothing new

Release Metrics

Release Meeting Bugs (8 bugs, 10 Blueprints)

Alpha 2 Milestoned Bugs (19 across all packages (down 3))

  • 1 linux kernel bugs (no change)
  • 0 linux-ti-omap bugs (no change)
  • 0 linux-meta-ti-omap bug (no change)

Release Targeted Bugs (205 across all packages (down 6))

  • 17 linux kernel bugs (down 3)
  • 0 linux-ti-omap bugs (no change)
  • 0 linux-meta-ti-omap bug (no change)

Milestoned Features

  • 7 blueprints (Including HWE Blueprints)

Maverick Updates Bugs

  • 55 Linux Bugs (down 1)

Lucid Updates Bugs

  • 91 Linux Bugs (down 4)

Bugs with Patches Attached:94 (down 10)

Blueprints: Natty Bug Handling

  • Did some research into kerneloops at the end of last week. I have some data from Brian Murray as to some tools he already has that we can make use of. I'm continuing that work this week
  • started looking over our documentation on kernel testing. I have some notes and I am retesting a few of the steps. I finally have a natty test machine to work with.
  • As part of the changes I have been making to the arsenal scripts, I have been looking at the messages we put into comments on bugs and their applicability to specific architectures. I have some notes here, but I am still finishing up on my documentation before I make those changes.
  • I think the apport hooks verbiage item needs to be postponed. There was apparently some work that I had wanted to look at that has already been done. This item was mainly to familiarize myself with the hooks and begin learning how they could be changed.
  • The arsenal flow documentation has been taking forever to complete. I didn't get much done on it this week as I had other priorities.

Blueprints: Review of the Stable Maintenance Process (sconklin / bjf)

We continue to make improvements to our tools and processes. Most notably, work on CVEs has been shifted to being handled much like bug fixes, and that work load is now being shared by more members of the kernel team.

The stable kernel team was able to complete the last cycle in two weeks, but all uploades are still awaiting being copied to -proposed.

For Dapper, Hardy, and Karmic, this is because there has been no feedback in the tracking bugs indicating whether the -proposed kernels even boot.

Status: Cert. Team

Nothing to report this week, as we are not testing SRUs this week We are focusing on testing 10.04.2 images

Status: Ecryptfs

  • - Reworked rename as there was an interaction with d_move. Still need to investigate layering interactions with d_move more. - updated the documentation to the current state - finally pushed out to the ecryptfs-devel mailing list - After talking to tyhicks last week started investigating adding storing long name into the ecryptfs header instead of an xattr. This should be a small extension to the current patch, and both could be supported. - It has not been pushed to lkml yet, (giving tyhicks a first pass at it)

Status: Natty

Following a long period of instability the x86 suspend issues and some ARM display issues seem to be resolved. We have therefore uploaded our first (and second) v2.6.38 based kernels, the main distro kernel is now at v2.6.38-rc2 + git. This kernel seems to be working well on i386, x86_64, and on arm. This will be the kernel for natty-alpha-2, for which we froze today. Upstream v2.6.38-rc3 has now released and we will upload this as soon as the milestone freeze lifts, likely on friday.

Security & bugfix kernels - Maverick/Lucid/Karmic/Hardy/Dapper (sconklin / bjf)

Partial status today due to tool failure and lack of prep by me. Here are the packages still in -proposed:






dapper linux-source-2.6.15





hardy linux





karmic linux-ec2





--- linux





Incoming Bugs: Regressions

Incoming Bugs

  • 108 Natty Bugs (up 15) 1133 Maverick Bugs (up 17) 997 Lucid Bugs (up 3)

Current regression stats (broken down by release):


  • 32 maverick bugs (up 2)
  • 75 lucid bugs (up 1)
  • 6 karmic bugs (no change)
  • 0 hardy bugs (no change)


  • 221 maverick bugs (up 3)
  • 204 lucid bugs (up 1)
  • 38 karmic bugs (no change)
  • 2 hardy bugs (no change)


  • 15 maverick bugs (down 2)
  • 2 lucid bugs (down 1)
  • 1 karmic bug (no change)

Incoming Bugs: Bug day report

Today is the Bug Day for New status bugs. This is something that I would like to hold again next week so that I can get new status bugs back under control

Triage Status

Some of you have probably noticed the massive jump in bugs on our Hot List. This is due to the inclusion of 'kernel-key' tagged bugs as well as all regression-proposed bugs. It is very likely that many of the regression proposed bugs are no longer valid due to those kernels having been shipped. I have also been getting an inordinate amount of direct pings or 'drive-bys' on random bugs. I have not meen responding to most of them as they interrupt me when I am in the middle of something, but I am working ot identify important ones. I'll likely begin asking some of you to take a quick look at a few of those to aid in determining if they are fit for the list.

The regression proposed need to be updated to be regression updates. This has not been done but is on the todo list.

Open Discussion or Questions

  • On the topic of regression-proposed i suspect we need to firebomb the lot, see if any are valid against the latest updates kerenl as we are wallowing much history
  • Alpha 2 release notes need to be scrubbed with differences hilighted and any bugs indicated.

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