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20130611 Meeting Agenda

ARM Status

  • Q/master: lp1176977 ("XFS instability on armhf under load") - turned out some xfs tests failure that i was experiencing were already present in 3.5.y vanilla for arm, so none of the backported patches were responsible for it. On the other hand, there's a new 100% reproducible hang while running tests/generic/0368. Still working on it, collecting patches, pinging upstream, etcetc.
  • /highbank: lp1182637("cpu_offlining fails to run on ARM") - according to robherr this is due to a different u-boot that we are using, waiting for an update. S/master: did some testing of 3.10-rcX for omap[34], imx6 and vexpress, so far so good.

Release Metrics and Incoming Bugs

Milestone Targeted Work Items

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Status: Saucy Development Kernel

  • Our Saucy unstable branch has been rebased to the latest v3.10-rc5 upstream kernel. We are still holding off on a v3.10 based upload due to missing AUFS support as well as some DKMS package failures we would like to resolve. We have however gone ahead and rebased our Saucy master branch to the recent v3.9.5 upstream stable and plan to upload that today. On the mobile front I'm hearing news that the container flip should hopefully be happening this week. Important upcoming dates: Thurs June 20 - Alpha 1 (opt in)

Status: CVE's

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