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20130924 Meeting Agenda

ARM Status

  • The flash-kernel dtb concatenation patch finally landed in the archive, while support for TI AM35XX and bug fixing for the rest of the socs (omap3/4, imx, etc) continues.

Release Metrics and Incoming Bugs

Milestone Targeted Work Items

  • apw


    2 work items



    1 work item



    1 work item


    1 work item

Status: Saucy Development Kernel

  • We've remained rebased on a v3.11.1 kernel for Saucy and the archive is currently frozen for Final Beta this Thurs Sept 26. Any uploads will need to be cleared with the Ubuntu Release Team. Additionally, Ubuntu Kernel Freeze is ~1 week away, Thurs Oct 03. Any patches submitted after Kernel Freeze will be subject to our SRU policy.

  • Important upcoming dates: Thurs Sep 26 - Final Beta (~2 days away) Thurs Oct 03 - Kernel Freeze (~1 week away) Thurs Oct 10 - Final Freeze (~2 weeks away) Thurs Oct 17 - 13.10 Release (~3 weeks away)

Status: CVE's

Status: Stable, Security, and Bugfix Kernel Updates - Raring/Quantal/Precise/Lucid

Open Discussion or Questions? Raise your hand to be recognized

  • No open discussions.

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