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 * Bug:1028154 - Propertirary NVIDIA graphics card driver

Weekly Status

Links to overall status, burn down charts, and work item tracking can be found at the following:

What was done engineering wise?

We intend to upload the 3.5.0-12.12 Quantal kernel before the end of the week. The most notable changes in this kernel will be updates to the brcmsmac and apple-gmux drivers, a fix for CVE-2012-3412, and misc bug fixes. As usual, we will also upload this to the ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/q-lts-backport PPA to facilitate testing of the 12.10 kernel in 12.04. Please test and let us know your results.

What's about to land that might impact the other teams and release as a whole?

As well as the 3.5.0-12.12 upload, we will likely plan a final kernel upload next Tues in preparation for Quantal Beta-1 freeze.

Summary of bugs working on by team (reasonably reliable)

  • 1005832 - Intel wifi frequent disconnects

  • 1011828 - Session failed to laod with 12.10 kernel on 12.04 test

  • 1013372 - unable to suspend with 3.4.0-4.9~precise1-generic 3.4.0

  • 993506 - nvidia kernel module fails to build on 3.4.x kernel [fatal error: asm/system.h: No such file or directory]

    • Fixed in Quantal, but want it SRU'd for Precise as it will affect anyone running a 12.10 kernel in 12.04
  • 994255 - bcmwl-kernel-source bcmwl kernel module failed to build [fatal error: asm/system.h: No such file or directory]

    • Fixed in Quantal, but want it SRU'd for Precise as it will affect anyone running a 12.10 kernel in 12.04
  • 1020285 - Addition of leap second causes spuriously high CPU usage and futex lockups

  • 1022561 - Quantal : kexec kernel not triggered when kernel panics

  • 1022578 - [omap3beagle - omap3beagle, recording] No sound at all

  • 1025663 - DMIStringIndexOutOfRange on HP Proliant ML110 G5

  • 1031831 - 3.5.0-7.7~precise1-generic works except for broadcom bcmwl-kernel-source failure

  • 1030894 - have to add nomodeset to the kernel commandline in order to boot with kernel 3.5.0-6

  • 1031090 - kvm_intel not loadable in a quantal guest

  • 1034338 - Quantal-alpha boot on iMac 5,1 requires acpi=off

  • 1037147 - QRT failed on tests 091 and 092 on 3.5.0-10

  • 1038075 - [quantal] overlayfs over r/o NFS mount triggers OOPS

  • 1039402 - [quantal] overlayfs over r/o NFS mount fails to overwrite existing files

  • 1038259 - CONFIG_DEVPTS_MULTIPLE_INSTANCES is not enabled on highbank

  • 1040077 - Do not set GPIOs for speakers on IDT if there are no speakers

  • 1039478 - WARN Successful completion on short TX: needs XHCI_TRUST_TX_LENGTH quirk?

  • 1039621 - Unable to install Quantal on Lenovo S-10 because of graphs/X problems

Dependencies on other teams to make deliverables, blocking items, release wide concerns?

  • Nothing at this time.

Previous Meeting Summaries

Milestoned features

See Milestone ubuntu-12.10-alpha-1 for features and tasks for the current milestone. The overall burndown chart for the entire release is also available.

Kernel BurnDown

Status Color Key




In danger of not making this release


Has issues that need to be resolved in order to make the release

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