This page provides a "cookbook" for running the Ubuntu Kernel team's IRC meeting. This meeting is generally run in the #ubuntu-meeting channel on FreeNode.

1. Pre-meeting email

The day before the IRC meeting is to take place, send an email announcement to the Ubuntu kernel team, public mailing list. The email should look something like the following:

Upcoming Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - Tuesday, 15th of December - 17:00 (UTC)

The next Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 15th, 17:00
UTC in #ubuntu-meeting on Freenode.

If there are any discussion points or items for decision that you would
like to raise, add your item to the agenda [1] and prepare a short
introduction on the topic to present during the meeting.  As usual,
anyone interested in the development of the Ubuntu Kernel is welcome to


2. Pre-meeting IRC announcement

Approximately one hour before the IRC meeting is to start, post a little announcement in the #ubuntu-kernel channel on FreeNode. We encourage anyone in the community that is interested to attend the meeting.

** Ubuntu Kernel Team Meeting - Today @ 17:00 UTC - #ubuntu-meeting

3. Pre-meeting prep

Before the meeting takes place I build my "runes" file. I take the agenda for the meeting and add the mootbot keys to each line so that when it's time to run the meeting I just cut and paste into the IRC channel. The "runes" I used for the Tues Nov 15, 2011 meeting are:

Roll Call
## This is the Ubuntu Kernel Team weekly status meeting.

# Meeting Etiquette
# NOTE: '..' indicates that you are finished with your input.
#       'o/' indicates you have something to add (please wait until you are recognized)

[TOPIC] ARM Status (ppisati)

[TOPIC] Release Metrics and Incoming Bugs (ogasawara)

[TOPIC] Milestone Targeted Work Items (ogasawara)

[TOPIC] Status: Precise Development Kernel (ogasawara)

[TOPIC] Status: CVE's (apw)

[TOPIC] Status: Stable, Security, and Bugfix Kernel Updates - Oneiric/Natty/Maverick/Lucid/Hardy (bjf/herton)

[TOPIC] Open Discussion or Questions? Raise your hand to be recognized (o/)


4. Run the meeting

Start the meeting off with a "Roll Call" just to make sure most of the kerne team is in the channel.

Next, "#startmeeting" which will signal to "meetingology" that a new meeting is starting and to start capturing.

Go through the "runes", moving from topic to topic. If no one contributes to a topic after 15 seconds, move on.

5. Post meeting

As soon as the meeting finishes, The meetingology bot will post something similar to the following:

<meetingology> Meeting ended Tue Nov 15 17:05:39 2011 UTC.
<meetingology> Minutes:

6. Update the KernelTeam/Meeting wiki

  1. Open the KernelTeam Meeting page for editing.

  2. Add the date and agenda for next week's meeting. Just copy and paste the agenda from the meeting which just took place. Any modifications to the agenda can be made throughout the week.
  3. For the meeting which just took place, add the minutes. For example,
    • ==== Minutes ====
       * IRC Logs:
       * Blog:

7. Create the "Weekly Report"

There are some useful scripts in the kteam-tools git repo (git:// for helping generate a nicely formatted moin output for the weekly report. Look at the README for instructions on how to use the scripts.

Alternatively, take the moin.txt which the meetingology bot pasted at the end of the meeting and create a new wiki page with the raw output. Take a look at Take a look at for an example.

8. Send out meeting minutes email

Who to send it to:

What to send:

  • It has been requested that the entire meeting minutes just be cut and pasted into the email that is sent out, so that's what we do.

For an example, see


Minutes from the Ubuntu Kernel Team meeting, 2011-11-15

Body: Copy and paste the information you created in Step 7 (Create the Weekly Report) above. The "moin" text is the email body text.

9. The Kernel Team Blog

The kernel team now has a blog at Add a blog entry with the meeting minutes there.

  • Click the "login" link on the lower right side of the page
    • This will use your OpenID via launchpad
    • This will then redirect you to (which is a 404)
  • Delete Array from the above link, ie return to
  • Go to Site Admin->Posts->Add New

  • Create a blog post with the meeting minutes
    • Again, there are some useful scripts in the kteam-tools git repo (git:// for helping generate a nicely formatted html output for the blog. Look at the README for instructions on how to use the scripts.

10. Adjust the topic in #ubuntu-kernel

You will need channel ops privilege. If your nick has the right permissions you can enable channel ops with:

/msg chanserv op #ubuntu-kernel

Then you can change the date of the next meeting in the topic with:

/topic <new topic message>

I generally just copy/paste the existing one and adjust the date. After that channel ops is no longer needed and can be relinquished with:

/msg chanserv deop #ubuntu-kernel

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