The old firewire stack ((ieee1394, ohci1394, raw1394, sbp2, eth1394 and more) is replaced by the new stack (firewire-core, firewire-ohci, firewire-sbp2, firewire-net). In the ieee1394 release notes (Feb 24 2010 2.6.33) calls for replacing the old stack with the new one. The motivation to do this in Maverick is that upstream will not be fixing several known issues in the old stack, but (are already fixed, or) will be fixed in the new stack. We will simply black list the old stack and enable the new stack. We will ship the old stack as a fall back for users who experience unforeseen problems with the new stack.

Release Note

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Starting with Linux 2.6.22, there are two separate FireWire kernel driver stacks available to choose from.

  • The older stack alias the Linux1394 drivers, consisting of
    • ieee1394: base driver
    • ohci1394: for OHCI 1.0, OHCI 1.1, and 1394b controllers
    • pcilynx: for the rare PCILynx controllers (only limited, buggy or missing support by the drivers listed below)
    • sbp2: for storage devices and other SBP-2 devices
    • eth1394: for IPv4 over FireWire

    • raw1394: for all sorts of different applications, used via libraw1394
    • dv1394: for a few DV applications (deprecated in favor of raw1394 + libraw1394)
    • video1394: for applications using industrial cameras and webcams and a few other special purposes, especially via libdc1394
  • The newer stack alias Juju, consisting of
    • firewire-core: base driver and userspace access similar to raw1394 and video1394, but not binary compatible (libraw1394 v2 and libdc1394 v2 are compatible)
    • firewire-ohci: for OHCI 1.0, OHCI 1.1, and 1394b controllers
    • firewire-sbp2: for storage devices and other SBP-2 devices
    • firewire-net: for IPv4 over FireWire

Development of new features as well as maintenance is concentrated on the new drivers now. The old drivers will receive at most small and simple bug fixes but no new features or complex bug fixes.

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  • old stack is will not be actively maintained.
  • new features and bug fixes are addressed in new stack.
  • upstream development focus is on new stack
  • Latest release notes (Feb 24 2010) call for distros to switch to new stack.

User stories




  • Black list old stack and white list new stack.


Test/Demo Plan

  • Add basic firewire tests to kernel-qa


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