Discuss creation of a central repository for information about firmware (BIOS) errors as detected by the firmware test suite. Users of the fwts would be able to report results by running an optional command line argument such as --report-info.

The central repository would store no personal user information. Information would include:

Computer model number, BIOS version, and test results would be reported and stored.

The web interface could be very simple, listing known bugs in bios versions. Where multiple versions of a BIOS are reported for a platform, the site could show which fwts errors have been resolved by the update.

fwts could use this information when running tests to report to the user whether a later BIOS has been seen in the field which resolves the problem.

If the site allows user registration, users could be emailed when BIOS updates for their machine are detected.

BIOS reporting could be integrated with Landscape through the use of this data.

Release Note

The fwrs (firmware reporting site) maintains information about BIOS versions encountered in the field and any errors in them which are detected by the Firmware Test Suite (fwts). It allows searching by computer model number and will display all BIOS versions for that platform which have been reported. This information may be helpful in resolving various problems including those with suspend/resume, CPU frequency scaling, audio, and video.


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