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== Communications ==
 * '''IRC'''
  * We are on FreeNode in the #ubuntu-kernel channel
 * '''Mailing List'''
  * you can subscribe here: [[]]
  * We run our mailing list much like the Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML). Users can propose patches, ask questions and find general info. This list has medium traffic volume. For more info you can read [[]]


The Ubuntu Kernel Team aims to provide the highest quality Linux kernel for Ubuntu and the Ubuntu family of products. The Linux Kernel is the core of Ubuntu and is the rock upon which we base all other Ubuntu technology, and is a usable, high-quality desktop & server operating system for users around the world. It strives to be the best free software development platform in existence.


Specific areas that the Kernel Team are responsible for currently include, in no particular order:

  • Develop in an open model, in collaboration with community and upstream.
  • Enable for a wide range of hardware, to match trends and user expectations of Ubuntu's goals.
  • Maintenance of central package of the Linux Kernel for Ubuntu supported architectures and ports.
  • Development standards and collaborative development support for the Ubuntu Linux Kernel
  • The Ubuntu Kernel git tree
  • The Ubuntu kernel-team mailing list
  • Automated Vanilla Linux Kernel Builds and packaging
  • Selection of the Linux Kernel Version for Ubuntu Releases
  • Serve as the interface to the Linux Kernel Upstream
  • Conduct weekly Ubuntu Kernel Team meetings KernelTeam/Meeting

  • Ubuntu Kernel Bug Policies
  • Ubuntu Kernel Team Community documentation on how to contribute to the Ubuntu Kernel
  • Ubuntu Kernel Roadmaps for new releases KernelTeam/Roadmap

  • Ubuntu Kernel Team weely reporting KernelTeam/ReportingPage


Launchpad Teams

The Ubuntu Kernel Team is in Launchpad as:


IRC nicks are in brackets.

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