Kevin Mulligan

Kevin Mulligan

Email: kevin AT SPAMFREE teamindecisive DOT com

Basics: 21 year old Management Major, Windows user since 3.11 with a vested interest in the success of anything free source. Very little Linux experience (namely, Ark and Mandrake), no programming skills.

Gave Unbuntu a try on a whim, very impressed that it auto-detected everything including my wireless card, unlike Mandrake. I am not a complete newb, at least in a Windows environment (e.g. helping friends with problems), but I doubt that will be of much use for Unbuntu.

As noted elsewhere in the Wiki, I am one of those users who feels I have not much to offer, but I'm willing to give this a shot. I want to feel like I am contributing to something bigger than myself. I've got to start somewhere...


  • Helping with spell checking, editting, and making everything understandable to even the most basic user. I find I have a sharp eye for editting mistakes, and this is where I see myself being most useful.
  • Mozilla - Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird.
  • Developing documentation for first time users that explains everything from the ground up (where you should install programs, need-to-know commands, How-To, etc.).

Availability: Part time, as I am a full time student.

More to come...



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