Kevin Wixted


I am an IT Manager in a Windows shop by day and a devoted Linux user by night. In previous versions of my career I have done the following: Novell (2.x and 3.x) network admin, systems admin (lug those PCs), web developer, project leader and even attorney (only three years). I am most impressed with Ubuntu thus far and am even more impressed by the level of commitment expressed by Canonical. I have "messed around" with Linux systems since RedHat 5.1. I have been successful in implementing two Linux-based dedicated PDF servers in my office and I am constantly on the look out for other ways to leverage Linux.

I am a Wiki newbie (which I am certain is already obvious), but I will endeavor to get up to speed ASAP. I would like to begin work as a reviewer on the Documentation Team as soon as possible. I am counting the hours to the official release of Warty and am already excited about the improvements that will be included in Hoary.

Kudos to the Ubuntu team!


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