I, Khalid Elmously, apply for upload rights for the linux kernel package(s).


Khalid Elmously

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Who I am

My name is Khalid Elmously. I've been working at Canonical since Nov 2017, as part of the Ubuntu kernel team. I've been mainly involved with the "stability" side of the kernel - reviewing code changes, producing new kernels for release and overseeing the automated testing results, with the occasional patch submission every now and then.

Previously, I worked at QNX from 2011 - 2017 as part of the "Core networking" team. That development was mostly on ARM CPUs. From that experience, I have some affinity for networking-related areas as well as ARM CPUs.

My gitlab is at:

I'm known on IRC as kmously

My Ubuntu story

I've been a Linux user since 2004 (Fedora) and switched to Ubuntu in 2005. My friends and I hosted large gaming events in Ottawa, Ontario, and we realized that Ubuntu does a much better job as a game-server than Microsoft Windows - despite the majority of the games themselves being specifically written for Windows. That gave me the first true insight into the power of open-source, and I've been hooked ever since. We hosted some of the biggest "LAN-party" events in Ottawa (Lanopolis 1-3) that were attended by hundreds of gamers. Those events were powered almost entirely by Ubuntu. We were so impressed when we used it the first year that for the following event we ordered 200 Ubuntu CDs from Canonical to distribute to the gamers (Canonical used to provide the Ubuntu installation CDs for free at the time). We noticed an obvious uptick of Ubuntu users at subsequent events Smile :)

I've studied Computer Engineering at the University of Ottawa. I've been gravitating towards the Linux kernel since then, and now I'm lucky to be working on the Ubuntu kernel team.

My involvement

I've been working on kernel stability for the past year. This mainly involves producing kernels for release ("kernel cranking"), reviewing code changes from the kernel team mailing list, monitoring automated testing results and investigating regressions as necessary, and sometimes even fixing CVEs if I have time. I have also worked on improving some of our internal processes, particularly the kernel-cranking process and the code-review process. I'm hoping to spend more time on code development in the near future.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

When I run "apt-get changelog linux-image-generic" on any Ubuntu machine in the world, I see my name Smile :) I'm kinda proud of that.



Here is a list of sponsored packages:


Upload Rights

I'm requesting upload rights for the kernel package set for all active series, which includes all the "linux*" packages.

Plans for the future


I plan to continue working on the Kernel stable team, improving the automation of the SRU cycle process as well as the code-review process. I'm also hoping to spend more time on code-development, preferably on ARM or RaspberryPi related development as that is an interest of mine.

What I like least in Ubuntu

Particularly regarding the kernel stable process, we currently have a large amount of backports, derivatives and customs kernels and all of them require manual work to get the packaging done. It doesn't scale in terms of man/hour needed for every SRU cycle. However, we are already making progress in automating the process, and when most of the steps are automated, we will be able to spend more attention to the review process, CVE backports, bugs investigation, etc.


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