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Launchpad: msdomdonner
IRC: freenode #ubuntu-za and using nick Kilos
Launchpad: msdomdonner,
IRC: freenode #ubuntu-za and using nick Kilos,
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About Me

Describe yourself here

I am a semi disabled person due to a bad head injury. Telkom technician from many years ago. Then diesel mechanic and stock farmer. After years of being basically useless due to head damage I found PC's and playing games revived the thinking process and was introduced to Ubuntu where I have improved to the extent that I can help newcomers to Ubuntu knowing that the experts that very patiently helped me are still there to back me up or correct me when I'm wrong.

Contact Information

Launchpad: msdomdonner, IRC: freenode #ubuntu-za and using nick Kilos, Email: Miles @


Write your contributions here. Write your goals.

Future Goals


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