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Hello fellow Ubuntu users. I am matt_symes.

I am a software developer coding in C/C++, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript and shell scripting. I also build and fix computers and configure networks.

I run an Ubuntu 11.04 server and Ubuntu development version (currently 12.04) on my laptop. I also use Arch, Gentoo and Fedora and change between them as the mood takes me.

About Me

I first got into software development when using a BBC Model B 32K computer. Yes, you read that correct - 32K of memory ! I started writing in BASIC on it and then taught myself 6502 assembler. I then moved onto a Commodore 64, games consoles and, finally, onto PCs.

I studied computer science at university and and then started my career developing software in C/C++ mainly on the Windows platform. I had my first taste of Linux using Mandrake (now Mandriva) and Red Hat before it became RHEL. Back in those days it was alot more difficult to configure and, with only a dial up modem to get technical information, could be a right pain.

Because work was based on Windows, i concentrated on Windows. I always kept an eye open to see what was happening with Linux but never used it as my main operating system.

That changed with the release Ubuntu 9.10. I had bought a new Laptop and managed to completely erase the hard drive including the recovery partition, so much so that no recovery software would get the partitions back. At that time, I did not want to shell out for another copy of Windows. I had been running Ubuntu in a virtual machine before that so i felt comfortable enough to install it as my main operating system. It's Windows that i now run in a virtual machine.


My main contributions to Ubuntu have been through the Ubuntu forums where i try to offer help and advice in, hopefully, a polite manner; although others will be the judge of that. I report spam and abusive or inappropriate posts whenever i see them.

I also wrote a script along with other forum members including hippytaff, to help diagnose wireless problems.

Future Goals

I plan to continue using Linux and Ubuntu as my main operating system. My server has been very stable indeed, running Ubuntu. I plan on getting more involved in the testing side of Ubuntu and i have been considering starting or joining a software development project if time permits me. I am also considering using IRC alot more than i currently do.


Please feel free to comment. I always appreciate constructive criticism.