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About Me

My Name is Miles Sharpe and I am 63 years old. I am a semi disabled person due to a bad head injury. Telkom electronics background from about 40 years ago. Then diesel mechanic and stock farm manager. After years of being basically useless due to head damage I found PC's, and playing games revived the thinking process, then I discovered the interenet, whew. After having bad virii kill my xp pc a few times i asked around for an alternative and was introduced to Ubuntu where I have improved to the extent that I can help newcomers to Ubuntu, knowing that the experts that very patiently helped me are still there to back me up or correct me when I'm wrong. Having a mechanical background helps with the hardware side of computers, so I spend a fair amount of time doing drive repairs and data recoveries using the linux tools in Ubuntu of course.

Contact Information

Launchpad: msdomdonner, IRC: freenode #ubuntu-za and using nick Kilos, Email: Miles @


Due to my handicap and lack of programming knowledge all I can contribute is my time on IRC and our mailing list.

Future Goals

My goals for the foreseeable future is to stay active on IRC and help newbies and bring as many people as possible to Ubuntu.


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