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About Me

My Name is Miles Sharpe and I am 63 years old.

I am a semi disabled person due to a bad head injury. (bad enough to need a reboot in ICU) Telkom electronics background from about 40 years ago. Then diesel mechanic and stock farm manager. After years of being basically useless due to head damage I found PC's, and playing games revived the thinking process, then I discovered the internet, whew. After having bad virii kill my xp pc a few times I asked around for an alternative and was introduced to Ubuntu where I have improved to the extent that I can help newcomers to Ubuntu, knowing that the experts that very patiently helped me are still there to back me up or correct me when I'm wrong. I've even learned to say "cool" when not even referring to the temperature. Having a mechanical background helps with the hardware side of computers, so I spend a fair amount of time doing drive repairs and data recoveries using the linux tools in Ubuntu of course.

Contact Information


freenode #ubuntu-za and using nick Kilos





Due to my handicap and lack of programming knowledge all I can contribute is my time on IRC and our mailing list.

Have done a few bug reports, mainly related with network manager and 3g auto connecting.

Future Goals

My goals for the foreseeable future is to stay active on IRC and help newbies and bring as many people as possible to Ubuntu. And do bug reports wherever I can. Also this year I am trying to link up with as many countries in Africa as possible so we can help them grow and maybe form their own Locos


Wikus van Dyk ( mazal )

I have known Miles ever since I started with ubuntu. His is one of the most active members in our Loco both in the irc channel and mailing list. He always helps everyone one where he can. He is totally dedicated to ubuntu and it's members. -- wikus-s 2015-01-19 12:13:21

David Rubin (drubin)

Miles has been around since I was on a member on the Loco Council as well as the loco point of contact for ZA. He has been the most active and helpful person on IRC for as long as I can remember. Every single person that ever joins our channel always gets a friendly greeting by Miles. We even replaced our bot with Miles because his AI was far better :). Really and truly I would not hesitate to give him my full recommendation. -- drubin 2015-01-19 19:17:49

Raoul Snyman (superfly)

In Ubuntu-ZA Miles is the community. Without Miles, we wouldn't have a community. He's a constant in the IRC channel, reminds everyone when the next meeting is, and tries to help folks where he can (despite his disability). He greets newcomers, makes them feel welcome, and encourages them to hang out in IRC. I'm pretty sure he's the reason our channel has grown recently. Miles is equally active on the mailing list, helping folks out and reminding everyone of when our next activity is. If it weren't for Miles, our community would probably fall apart and fade to nothing, he really is the backbone. -- raoul-snyman 2015-01-21 07:07:54

Bradley Putzier (Captine)

Since the first day I connected to the #ubuntu-za channel and everyday since, Miles has been the first to say "Hi". His welcoming and friendly attitude are key to forming the type of ZA community that Ubuntu needs. -- bradputzier 2015-01-21 19:02:08

Maia Grotepass (maiatoday)

Miles makes the IRC channel alive and human. You have read in previous testimonials that he is the first point of contact in the #ubuntu-za IRC channel. What's more is he knows the rest of the people in the channel and their skills. So where he can he helps new-comers but he also knows who to ping for more info. This is great because busy people don't get swamped and Miles helps as far as he can. I think Miles never sleeps; I have never joined the channel and not spoken to Miles. But Miles does more than this. He helps with meeting reminders. He helps on the mailing list. Miles is the glue that keeps this widely distributed community together. I recommend Miles for ubuntu membership without hestiation. -- maiatoday 2015-01-22 08:58:28

Neil Oosthuizen (nlsthzn)

Reading all of the other testimonials for uncle Miles it becomes clear that my perception of him as the heart of the South African Ubuntu LoCo is shared by many. If not for his efforts day and night to be a gracious host to all that would wonder into #ubuntu-za I think the LoCo would have become a very empty place by now. His compassion to assist or help look for someone to assist if someone has an issue on IRC or the mailing list is heartening (and he has become pretty proficient with technical issues in his own right. If uncle Miles doesn't embody what it means to be an Ubuntu Member then I don't know who does... -- -- nlsthzn 2015-01-25 08:09:33

Gustav H Meyer (inetpro)

Miles has always been committed to chat with everyone around him. Ignoring anyone in need of help is considered (in his eyes) as being very rude. Through his constant interaction he has most certainly helped many, including myself, whether it be issues with Ubuntu, mechanical, farming, health or anything else, if he doesn't know the answer himself he will find someone who knows. Thanks to his efforts we keep going as an official LoCo and I trust that his application for membership will succeed! -- inetpro 2015-01-26 20:54:17

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