My first linux experience was in mid 1997 with a set of Red Hat cd's a friend af mine had ordered off the net. Soon after I was hooked and did whatever I could to keep linux as my primary OS - A really tough job in "the early days" when stuff in linux newer 'worked out of the box' (tm). For many reasons Red Hat (especially their package manager) and I never became friendly. Sometime in 1998-99 I switched to Debian and quickly became an advocate for the disto and APT. Things have changed alot in Red Hat distros since then, but for many years I hated RPM with a passion Smile :-) I've now switched to Ubuntu (back then as an early adopter of the 4.10 beta) for many reasons, but first and foremost because i needed a Debian distro with GNOME focus and more tuned towards laptop-usage. Since then I've been if possible even more hooked on linux and especially Ubuntu!

Even though i'm a hardcore-linux-user one other operating system have a special place in my heart - BeOS. It reminds me of my PowerPC/Amiga heritage and how a great superior vision and a small dedicated team of developers can leap-jump users a decade ahead of the competition! Today I still miss many features from BeOS even in linux 10 years after their demise!

Full Name: Kim Niberlung Tholstorf (will settle with Kim Tholstorf Smile :) )

Nationality: Danish (born Febuary 6th, 1979)

Location: TÃ¥strup, Denmark.




Works as sysadmin for the Danish goverment.

The rest

Spare time is spend with my wife, friends, my two cat's and various Linux consulting.

I love motor sports, console gaming, and watching a good DVD movie.


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