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''Kiwi Star Design''

Thru my part-time webdesign type business I offer the chance for people to switch from there windows platforms to Ubuntu/Kubuntu Linux platform. I currently have approx 15 ubuntu disks for Std, 64bit & Mac.

Here are a list of websites that have been crated by me useing only opensource software:
 * [ Kiwi Star Design]
 * [ Kiwi Star International]
 * [ Diamonds Galore Enterprises]
 * [ Furniture Plus]


Michael Davis (Kiwi Star Design)

Email: MailTo(

Member: [ NZ LoCo Team] - Wiki Page, [ NZ LoCo Team] - Launchpad Page

Welcome to my little wiki here at

Finding Ubuntu

I came across people selling Ubuntu 6.06LTS on [ TradeMe] and from there I did a [ Google] search and came across the Ubuntu website and basiclly from there I have not looked back.

About Me

I guess a little bit about me and what I do and where I am from. Well I am from Whangarei in New Zealand and have spent 8 years in Wellington before shifting back north to Kaitaia to join my wife up here.

I have always been into computers but never really did anything about it, up untill I came north and now look after the computers at [ Furniture Plus].

Where I'm From

I'm am originally from a small city in New Zealand called Whangarei in the Northland region of the North Island. I have since shifted from Whangarei to Wellington and now back to Kaitaia.


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