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Michael Davis (Kiwi Star Design)

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Welcome to my little wiki here at

Finding Ubuntu

I came across people selling Ubuntu 6.06LTS on [ TradeMe] and from there I did a [ Google] search and came across the Ubuntu website and basiclly from there I have not looked back.

About Me

I guess a little bit about me and what I do and where I am from. Well I am from Whangarei in New Zealand and have spent 8 years in Wellington before shifting back north to Kaitaia to join my wife up here.

I have always been into computers but never really did anything about it, up untill I came north and now look after the computers at [ Furniture Plus].

Where I'm From

I'm am originally from a small city in New Zealand called Whangarei in the Northland region of the North Island. I have since shifted from Whangarei to Wellington and now back to Kaitaia.

There is much more to come from me so watch out for more updates and other information about me.

Regards Michael Davis