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I am a computer science major at University of Platteville Wisconsin. I have been using Ubuntu and more specifically Mint for several years. I am interested in becoming involved with Ubuntu development and am searching for an opportunity to do so. I have been involved through school in a wide range of software projects. I know C++, COBOL, Java, SQL, and I am also familiar with Ruby, and bash. Outside of school I have created and am maintaining a database system for my unit as well as writing small scripts and programs for my personal use.


I began my career as a private E2 and am currently actively drilling with a local unit. I am also working toward attaining a commission through ROTC. My first MOS (military Job) was a 25C (radio operator). As part of the signal core I also became familiar with several systems the military uses that utilize various distributions of Linux.

Beginners Team

I am not a member of the Beginners Team yet. I am currently in the process of joinig it. I wish to join this team because I want to contribute in any way possible and learn more. I aim to become a team member as soon as possible.

Internet Relay Chat

:My registered IRC nickname is rykario. I can sometimes be found in the following channels

  1. #linuxmint-chat
  2. #ubuntu-beginners
  3. ##linuxmint-help
  4. #ubuntu-beginners-help
  5. #ubuntu-us
  6. #ubuntu-beginners-dev
  7. #ubuntu-beginners-team



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