Ubuntu Korea Community(Ubuntu Korean LoCo Team)'s Re-Verification Application for July, 2018

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Key Details


Since Ubuntu Korea Community is one of the well known and most active linux and open source community in Korea, We are now trying to expand our activity area much further.

In domestic area, we will keep doing exchange and collaboration with various developer communities. Also, we’ll expand our area to other different regions including Daegu and Busan.

Last year, We started to exchange with communities in Japan. With this, we’ll try to exchange with more communities in in east asian region.

We’re making many efforts to help people to contribute on ubuntu and its related projects with documentation and workshop(tutorial) events these days. We’ll keep making these efforts not just for increasing contribution, but also for making Korean user environment much better.

In domestic area

Plans for establishing regional teams MeltingCon 2018 Conferences with various IT/developer communities Bionic Beaver Release Party at Daejeon

  • Continue our exchange and collaboration with developer and open source communities.
    • We’re currently exchanging with following communities. We’ll continue to cooperate strongly with these communities. Also, We’ll try to exchange with more communities in Korea.
      • “Openstack Korea User Group”, “Korea Azure User Group”, “Well, It’s not related with coding”, “GNOME Korea”
    • We’ll also cooperate with communities affiliated with MeltingCon which is a alliance for IT/developer communities in Korea that we have participated the establishment last fall.

  • Expand offline activity area to various regions.
    • In the past, our area of offline activities were limited to Seoul. We’re trying to expand it to other cities starting from Daejeon.
    • Currently, We are running a sub team for operating offline activities in Daejeon and offline activities in Seoul are directly managed by our core operators.
    • To accelerate expansion of our offline activity area, We’ll establish a sub team for offline activities in Seoul and update some rules for operating sub teams for offline activities.
    • We’ll consider to establish more sub teams for offline activities in Daegu and Busan if possible.
    • After establishing more sub teams, All offline and regional activities will be planned and held by each sub teams.
    • For national events with large scale, All operators will participate with planning and hosting.


Plans for exchanging with overseas communities Drake Song at OSC Kyoto 2017 Youngbin Han at openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 Tokyo

  • Continue our exchange with communities in Japan, including Debian Japan and Ubuntu Japan which started to interact last year.
  • Try to exchange with more overseas communities near Korea. We’ll first try to interact with communities in Mainland China and Taiwan region.
  • Attend global conferences and summit events hosted near Korea with some core members to interact with overseas communities.
    • e.g. GNOME Asia, openSUSE Asia, COSCUP, DebConf18(Hsinchu, Taiwan) and more.

    • Attending overseas global events requires a lot of costs, but we can interact with various overseas communities easily.
  • Recruit more contactors who has experiences about interacting with overseas communities and foreign languages.

Increasing opensource contributions and researches

Joint meetup of Hanjp-IM Project team from Ubuntu Korea Community and Gnome Korea Basic C++ Group Study Raspberry Pi IoT Workshop Event

  • Host Workshop events annually to help newcomers to start contributing on ubuntu and its related projects.
    • Localization(l10n) Workshop - Give attendees some instructions and lectures about following things.
      • Signing up and using
      • Creating GPG Key and Signing Ubuntu Code of Conduct with it.
      • Joining Ubuntu Korean Translators and Ubuntu Korean Team on Launchpad
      • How Korean translation is processed and done. / Localization Schedules and team rules.
      • Translating software and documentations from ubuntu using Launchpad.
    • Debian Packaging Workshop - Give attendees some instructions and lectures about following things.
      • Signing up and using
      • Creating GPG Key and Signing Ubuntu Code of Conduct with it.
      • Joining Ubuntu Korean Team on Launchpad
      • Setting up environments for creating debian package
      • Preparing and writing required files for packaging
      • Building debian packaging and uploading it to Launchpad PPA
    • More Workshop events can be planned if required.
      • GTK Workshop in Daejeon is being discussed for now.
  • Improve localized documentations so that people can learn how contribution is done much easier.
  • Group studies and projects.
    • Sometimes, workshops and documentations are not enough for deep understanding. So we organize group studies and projects usually every quarter or every 6 months to learn and understand the specific topic much deeper.
    • Anyone in the community can suggest topics for group studies and projects.
    • Run group study and project teams consists of average 4~8 people.
    • For successful group studies and projects, lead them to open source contributions.


List here activities that the group has already done. Again provide links to online discussions, reviews, blog entries etc:


Group Studies


Workshop events

Regional Sub Teams for expanding activity area

One of our main plans for last two years was holding a seminar at non capital area. Last fall, Eojin Kim who just entered our community suggested to open a seminar at Daejeon region. So we organized our first seminar at Daejeon region. The event was very successful. After the event, we established a sub team for planning and hosting event in Daejeon. Daejeon team is very active and hosting many local events successfully.

Based on this successful experience, we will expand to more regions in Korea including Daegu and Busan in near future.

Interactions with overseas communities

Nogata Jun at KCD 2017 Nogata Jun with Ubuntu Korea Community Members

Drake Song at OSC Kyoto 2017 Drake Sons giving his presentation at OSC Kyoto 2017

Youngbin Han at openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 Tokyo Youngbin Han giving a 5 minuite lightning talk speech at openSUSE.Asia Tokyo 2017 openSUSE.Asia Tokyo 2017 Attendees

Nogata Jun's presentation "About Open Source Community in Japan" Ubuntu Korean Community Members and Nogata Jun

  • Korea Community Day(KCD) 2018 - Feb 24, 2018
    • Nogata Jun from Debian Japan visited our booth at KCD once again.
    • He gave attendees a presentation with the topic "About Open Source Community in Japan"
    • Video : YouTube Video

Online Activities & Member Status


Most new members today are active on FB Group since most people in Korea use Facebook for communicating with various people these days. Total & Active Members in Facebook Group for last 1 year


Last spring, We've opened new Slack workspace for convenient messaging between members. Our #general channel in Slack is integrated with #ubuntu-ko IRC channel on Freenode. Both Slack and IRC are very active.

Note : Statistics for Messages Posted includes messages from IRC. Slack weekly & daily active users Slack Total users & Total Messages Posted


Count \ Period

2016 Q3

2017 Q1

2017 Q3

2017 Q4

2018 Q1

2018 Q2

2018 Q3

New Members








Total Members









Count \ Period

2016 Jun~Oct

2016 Oct~Dec

2017 Jan~Apr

2017 May~Aug

2017 Sep~Dec

2018 Jan~Mar

2018 Apr~Jul

New Members








Total Members








Forum Daily & Weekly Active Users

  • New Websites
  • We're discussing about changing design of the Main page for better usability.

  • We've recruited Dongho Gang as the Infrastructure Manager to manage our infra even better.

  • After opening Slack workspace, we've integrated #0000-general on Slack with #ubuntu-ko IRC channel on Freenode using slack-irc and GCP's f1-micro instance.


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